Runaways coming to Hulu

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Much in the way Marvel has bringing their street level heroes to Newflix, they are now bringing shows to Hulu too.

Runaways, the classic Brian K Vaughn book will be adapted as a show on Hulu. The streaming service in association with Marvel made the announcement today. Nico, Karolina, Molly, Chase, Alex, and Gertrude are children of Super Villains who are on the run from their parents and their legacy. Runaways #1 is still affordable, but the cheaper copies are quickly drying up.


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11 Responses to Runaways coming to Hulu

  1. Elvi says:

    Heck yeah. I picked up pretty good copy a couple months ago for $25.

  2. Alana says:

    Guess this means no Nico spinoff movie from the coming Dr. Strange trilogy.

  3. Alana says:

    You should also trademark newflix Anthony start a competitor to Netflix. Lol

  4. David Bitterbaum says:

    I guess it is a good thing I held onto those big, “Runaways,” hardcovers that collect all the initial BKV stuff. That said, why is this on Hulu and not Netflix? I don’t have Hulu 😦

  5. Lonzilla says:

    1st issue is on FIRE!

    • Anthony says:

      I need to find mine. I bought them secondhand out of a 50 Cent been an antique store years ago. I love that I know I have the first full run plus the second series

  6. I don’t even care about the spec on this one, I am just psyched that Runaways will finally get an adaptation! I LOVE “Runaways”!! It was a shame that the Runaways live action movie was nixed when they were so far into production. They had actually started the casting process, when the plug was pulled. They did it because “Iron Man” did so well, and with the shared universe pretty much guaranteed at that point, they didn’t want to age the universe forward by having long-term established villains having been active for a decade or two, as the Runaways plot would have required. Now that they’ve continued to establish more goings-on that were under-the-radar in the MCU, it would be plausible that super-villains could have been active for quite a while into the past. Now, if we could just get the Runaways back together in a comic book series!

    I’ve kept an eye out for the original #1 for years & years, and it never surfaces at a reasonable price. The book’s been hot all along, so I expect it’s going to get even bigger. And depending on which characters they include, it’s possible there are some first appearances from later issues that will be relevant. I do have extras of some of those.

  7. Barry Wiggett says:

    Probably a daft question, but would Marvel Must Haves: Runaways / Sentinel 2003 Marvel Comic have any legs? Reprints first two issues of both.

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