The Monolith Being Developed by Lionsgate FIlms

The Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray mini series The Monolith has been picked up for development by Lionsgate Films. The Monolith was published by DC Comics and was later collected by Image Comics.

Copies of the first issue of The Monolith have been scooped up on eBay, however there are some sets available. There are some very inexpensive copies on Amazon if people are looking to check them out. Mycomicshop has some fine copies starting at just under $7.

The Hollywood Reporter had the scoop:


Lionsgate is developing an adaptation of The Monolith, the graphic novel series by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.

The Monolith centers on Alice Cohen, an ex-junkie who inherits a house in Brooklyn from her deceased grandmother. She discovers a diary there that reveals the creation of a monster in the 1930s set on revenge for the slaying of a good man. Twelve issues, all written by Gray and Palmiotti, were published in 2004 and 2005.

The film adaptation will be a contemporary retelling of the classic Golem legend, which centers on an artificial creature created by magic.

Dave Wilson, who is the creative director of Deadpool helmer Tim Miller’s production company Blur Studio, is attached to direct. The project will be Wilson’s feature film directorial debut, in the same way Deadpool (a big success for Fox with a global box-office tally of $782.6 million) was for Miller.



Thanks to Victor and  johnlbelanger (who has the greatest icon on this site) for the heads up.


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  1. OCguy72 says:

    “IF” this even makes it to production I just can’t see this book going crazy. It would go for a few times what it was going for before the news but I just don’t see this being the next big thing or even the flavor of the month. If you can find it at your local comic shop for cover price pick it up, otherwise I doubt anyone will be kicking themselves much if they miss out on it.

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