Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 24

Greetings my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you for reading this each and every week. Thank you for all of your friendship, encourgment, support and advice. To Anthony, thank you for allowing me to play in your sandbox. I am hoping to make it to Baltimore and (the after party scene is my middle name) so hopfully I can get in on the fun and convince Mel V. that aquaman is #awesomesauce. If anyone is at Monsters and Robots, stop by the cars and we can chat.
Now lets make some money on some comics because you can’t teach that.

1. New England Comics Newsletter #14 – still need to watch the new Tick pilot. This is the first appearance of the Tick in the New England News Letter. Not sure what this goes for but finding it in the wild is not a easy hunt
2. The Tick #4 – this is the first appearance of the Tick’s sidekick Arthur. Once again any issue of The Tick #1-12 are tough to find in the wild. But this being the first Arthur… $20
3. The Tick Big Blue Destiny #1 – Not sure of the spec play on this one. Just that this tick book ties into the animated series which most people that love The Tick will remember. Now only if the dvds would
include the episodes they left out
4. The Tick #1 Second Print red logo – this is the reprint of the classic Tick #1 with he really cool red lettering logo they are just as tough as the first print $20 and up
5. Uncanny Avengers #13 Adam Hughes 1:50 variant – This is a pre-order. It is the avengers, Adam Hughes equals money, and midtown is sold out on the website. Thanks to the boys on the cbsi group for pointing this out to me and I can see this being a $100 bill
6. Playboy Magazine July 1966 – I love Playboy and I love Batgirl. This issue has the classic vargas Batgirl centerfold which is a tough find in high grade. Am I the only submitting playboys to cgc? $20 and up
7. JSA #16 & #17 – The Rival is coming to the CW Flash. This excites me as I am really looking forward to the Flash Season Three. This is the first modern Rival and it is only a few bucks $3-5
8. The Flash #165 – more Rival awesomeness plus the second written Geoff Jones Flash comic $5
9. Impulse #88 and #89 – two more cheap appearances of the rival the Rival is like Pokemon, you gotta catch ’em all $5
10. Justice Society of America (Vol. 2) #1 – Jesse Quick is rumored to be coming to The Flash. Here is her first appearance.
11. Savage Dragon #53 – this is a Blind Adam top twenty. Well, it is that time. The Jay and Silent Bob Kevin Smith part of the list. This issue of Savage Dragon features Jay and Silent Bob and is pretty cheap except at awesomesauce commix when it opens $5-10
12. Animal Man #89 – I hope Animal Man makes a come back, I did enjoy both the classic Grant Morrison version of him, as well as, the new 52. This is the final issue of the Vertigo series which is tough in the wild $4-10
13. Power Girl #27 – final issue of the Power Girl series and if she makes it to t.v., they must have the boob window or I am going to Hollywood and pulling a Jay and Silent Bob. I am surprised to see what this goes for on eBay $25 and up
14. Cherry Comics #16– not much spec play here. I am about to start a fan film with Cherry from Cherry Pop Tart /Cherry Comics. This is the issue where the title changed from Cherry Pop Tart to Cherry Comics and I love this series $10
15. The Huntress #19 – I always loved the Post-Crisis Huntress. Just loved the back story. I hope she rejoins Arrow on the CW as that actress did her justice. She is back in Birds of Prey. This is the final issue in the nineteen issue series the print runs of #18 & 19 are really, really low and are really undervalued $5-10
16. Rocko’s Modern life #1 – Yes, Rocko’s Modern Life is getting a new series. Why can’t Hollywood do anything original?? Did Rocko really need a remake or a reboot? This comic is in dollar bins and is fun, fun, fun!
17. The Flash #130 (Silver Age Series) – this is the first appearance of the Rouges as a group. Just find the condition you can afford and call it a day. $20 and up
18. Batman #682 Tony Daniel variant – I really like this variant. I put it on the level of Jock’s Detective Comics #880 cover happy hunting
19. McDonaldland Comics #1 – this comic came out in 1976. No spec play whatsoever, however, in my campaign to make fast food toys and giveaways awesome again I had to point this out. It celebrated
America’s bicentennial and is just awesome. I need more copies of this and we need to bring back supersize again $10-20
20. Rick and Morty #1 l.c.s.d. Treasury Sized Variant – I love Rick and Morty. I didn’t even realize this variant of #1 in it’s glory.
On a side note, does anyone know if you can buy any of the Rick and Morty issues of the Oni Website a.k.a. the #1 Emerald City or SDCC con variants of #1. Oni’s website and text readers don’t play nice together and I am in between human seeing eye dogs at the moment.
That is all for this week. Once again thanks for reading, thanks for
listening, and until next time….
blind adam out oversized

14 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 24”

      1. Picked up a copy of Tick BBD#1 with the diecut cover not long ago. Fun book…I read a few issues and then kinda forget about the Tick though. Then I pickup a back issue along the way and realize juat how goofy fun it was.
        Thanks for pointing out the Playboy with Vargas Batgirl. I wasn’t aware of that, I’m not a PB reader (ok, looker is probably more accurate, right?). I’ll keep an eye out for a cheap copy.

        1. Playboy is funny. They stopped doing nudes a little while ago. As a result, they are now on the front of the shelves. I see teens looking at them now (disappointed)

    1. Been trying to reach Blind Adam on something you said last month about Orc Stain # 6. I bought it and was wondering how much was too much and how long is the hold on it or when is Orc Stain supposed to come out again?

  1. Finally after 23 volumes I finally have something on your list. Huntress #19, NM. Go figure. Anyways, I love reading these every week Adam, thanks again.

  2. I mentioned in another post here having a first issue of the, “Rick and Morty,” comic, first-print. I love the show but was really unimpressed with the comic for some reason. I guess it just isn’t the same if I can’t hear their voices in real-life and just hear them in my noggin. I still am not sure if I should try and sell it on eBay for 30-50 dollars, hold onto it and see where the value goes, or send it to CBCS to get slabbed.

    1. Look at your return of investment. You purchase it raw and paid $3.99. You sell for $50 that is a $46 return (I hate math so I will leave the percentage up to someone who is not mathematically illiterate.) the last unsigned cgc copy sold for $229.00. But you have to account for grading, shipping to and from, and grading fee. So let’s estimate at $75. Leaving a profit of $179. Yes, a bigger return, but a rate of return is diminished. While I will always take a bigger return, I know some people look at the rate of return for investment purposes.
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      1. Good points. Plus there is of course the cost of shipping it to a buyer, so if I get it slabbed that is paying shipping multiple times, basically (to CBCS and to a buyer). So I guess it comes down to patience and rate of return vs size of return. That, or I just sit on it and see what happens to the value as Season 3 approaches and starts-up.

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