Marvel Developing Squirrel Girl in New Warriors TV show

Thanks to Brian Springman for sending this over.

It may seem like a joke, a What If? story, or a hoax, but it is not, Squirrel Girl is being developed for television. 

Squirrel Girl first appears in Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special. The New Warriors first appear in Thor #411 and whose first full appearance is in Thor #412.

From TV Line

Marvel and ABC Studios are developing a New Warriors comedy series that would put the spotlight on little-known comic book heroine Squirrel Girl, TVLine has learned exclusively. Both Marvel and ABC Studios declined to comment, but sources confirm that the half-hour project is currently being shopped around to cable and streaming outlets.

And from Comicbook Movie

A show like this will give Marvel the opportunity to highlight a lot of relatively obscure younger characters from the comic books, and while no other names are mentioned, the likes of Speedball and Justice showing up seems likely.


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13 Responses to Marvel Developing Squirrel Girl in New Warriors TV show

  1. OCguy72 says:

    Oh no!!! I knew this day would come! I told myself I would plan for it but I never did! “Sigh”, Squirrel Girl coming to the big or small screen. I told myself I would not buy her first appearance for more than $40 and it had to be high grade. This news did come a little faster than I thought. I did break down (as usual) and bought her first appearance for a little more than I wanted. It looks to be a strict NM so I hope the hype builds and her popularity grows even more with the news so this pans out. …I don’t mind spending on comics, but Squirrel girl??? Well, at least I already had the Thor issues with the New Warriors when they were first released.

    • Daniel Hernandez says:

      I was in the same boat as you OCguy72. Now I just had to splurge on it. Definitely more than $40 at this point. She seems to have a following though and this is only going to grow her popularity. I think it’s a good investment overall.

      • OCguy72 says:

        I do agree, but “squirrel Girl”??? To be fair I am not being fair with the character at all. She without question does have a cult like following and has for some time. This announcement should just make her more popular especially with the cos play crowd which seems to grow and grow each year. I’ll have to read up on her more and find out which are some of here more popular stories and give her a chance. Who knows, maybe I will see the light that so many seem to be basking in when it comes to her. Regardless, if do like the character or not I think her first appearance will only gain attention. I doubt the book will go down any and probably has quite a bit to go before its ceiling is reached.

    • Daniel Hernandez says:

      Also it’s been reported that Anna Kendrick really wants to play Squirrel Girl. I think she would be perfect. I just don’t want them to make her look too silly. I mean, she did take down Thanos at one point. lol

      • OCguy72 says:

        Hmmm, does that mean she is headed for Infinity War as well?

      • Anthony says:

        I think there was a rumor of that as well.

      • OCguy72 says:

        Really? where have I been? I don’t recall that rumor…. There have been tons over the months though. “”IF” she was to also appear in the movies, this book would actually become a very solid, legit key. Not just a flavor of the month or semi-key making her at minimum a B lister! That’s still hurting my head, but as I said before I need to give her a shot. I’m in CA and it is close to 90 degrees right now and still no snow. after this news, my head is looking toward the sky.

  2. Chris Engelbrecht says:

    Well I am glad I didnt throw my Winter special on ebay yet. I guess Ill hold on a little longer.

  3. Al says:

    I have 10 copies of Thor #411 and #412 necause I always hoped a new warriors movie or show would happen… Who says Tony Stank is the only futurist??

    • A. King says:

      Every time I look through the Thor back issues it goes from Thor #410 to #413, but I do have a set for the PC. The original New Warriors are one of my favorite teams.

  4. David Bitterbaum says:

    Look, I really love Squirrel Girl and think it is one of the best Marvel comics coming out now currently.

    That said, where is my mother-loving Moon Knight movie or television show? At this point I’m just getting mad how everyone BUT Marc Spector is getting a small-screen or big-screen presence!

    • Daniel Hernandez says:

      It is coming David, don’t worry. He would be great in the gritty world of Marvel Netflix shows. It’s only a matter of time. In fact, I think I heard that they were already developing it.

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