Wednesday Winners: Animosity #1 2nd and 3rd Prints

It is nice when you walk into you local comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your comics. It is even nicer when the comics you picked up on Wednesday are selling for multiple times cover price by the end of the week. Animosity #1 2nd and 3rd prints are just that. 

ANIMOSITY #1 2ND PTG is already selling for $20. Not bad. ANIMOSITY #1 3RD PTG is selling for $10. Only one copy of each currently up. Both of the reprints have already sold out and a 4th print should be coming out shortly.


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6 Responses to Wednesday Winners: Animosity #1 2nd and 3rd Prints

  1. agentpoyo says:

    My shops didn’t even get any.. well, the one shop I visited.

  2. Jesus says:

    My shop was sold out within minutes. Wasn’t able to even look at one lol.

  3. Yep, no sign of these around here. Didn’t even know they existed…

  4. A. King says:

    How does anybody even have copies of the 3rd prints? I managed to get 2 copies of the 2nd print from 2 out of 3 stores Wednesday, and I talked to the guys at another shop yesterday and they are going to hold me a copy of #1 whatever printing it is and a copy of #2 this coming Wednesday, I already have a ton of #2 pre-ordered, but hey one more can’t hurt.

    • Anthony says:

      I had two copies of the third print. I sold a set of the 2nd and 3rd print for $30. But yeah. They are out there.

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      • degreesofseparation1968 says:

        I ordered 3 3rd prints from Forbidden Planet here in the UK at cover (well £2.65, average online comic price here), plus a pre-order of 4th. No 2nds though (obvs)

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