Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 26

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Before getting to the list of books, I would first like to say thank you. Thank you for reading each and every week. I love writing this and I am so thankful to Tony for allowing me to play in his sandbox. By next week I should be able to talk and reveal what the secret project I have been working on is all about. Also, two observations: one, why are some fan films better then major Hollywood blockbusters?? has anyone seen the Gotham City Sirens fan film? My other observation is, why did we need another round of marvel hip hop variants? Well now that I said my piece, it is time to make some money on some comics because you can’t teach that!
1. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #12 – These are the best Simpsons comics and they are only released once a year. And with Hillbilly getting all the buzz, with Eric Powell making his come back, and Goon is heating up again, I am not even sure how many of his fans remember his Simpsons story he did in this cheap, undervalued, Treehouse of Horror #12 $5
2. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #1 – this one might not have any spec value, but Halloween is coming and horror books move around this time. It is the Simpsons, and even thought the main Simpsons books do well on the back market, the spin offs don’t. Krusty the clown and lisa just sit but maybe this can break the $5 mark
3. Creepy Magazine #32 – Ok not a real spec book, but I was looking for another Harlan Ellison book and found this. It is Harlan Ellison, wrapped in a Frank Frazetta cover, and has Neal Adams art. It is just a cool magazine to have in the p.c.
4. Rolling Stone Magazine #663 – this is the Beavis and Butthead cover. I will pay decent money for this in mint condition $10-20
5 Power Pack #62 – final issue of a classic Marvel series. Why doesn’t Power Pack get more love? Maybe they can get a show? Low print run $5 and below
6. New Warriors #1 Second Print– the New Warriors are coming to t.v.? Why? This is the gold second print and is tough in the wild $3-10
7. Marvel Age #119 – I have to give credit to Topher on Comics Invest and his true firsts article. As this ties with Marvel Year in Review 1992 for the second appearance of Squirrel Girl, and yes, Marvel Age Comics are first and early appearances. Believe that $10-20
8. Great Lake Avengers #3 – first tip toe the monkey sidekick of Squirrel Girl. Hopefully, he makes it into the show $5
9. Wizard Magazine #7 – most likely no spec vaule. it does have a sweet
flash cover might be a neat autograph peace for grant guston $3-5
10. X-Men Adventures #1 – dollar box first appearance of X-Men ’92. Based on the classic animated series from Fox Kids and it is the first Morph in comics. Why didn’t Morph make it the way Harley Quinn did? Please leave thoughts in the comments
11. Gen 13 #11 Chrome Variant – when will DC do a decent Gen 13 series again? Like OG Gen 13 and no b.s. fake Fairchild hot and sexy again. Let Grunge be Grunge and so forth. Keep it outside the DCU. This was a rare chrome variant back in the day it can be found for peanuts now and is awesomesauce $10
12. Tales to Astonish #70– one day Marvel will figure out the film rights to Namor. Well I belive when that happens this silver age undervalued key will blow up $20 and up
13. A Moment of Silence #1 – this is a 911 tribute book. It is cheap, and compared to Amazing Spiderman vol 2 #36
14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7 second print – this Mirage issue features a retelling of the Turtles origin. It also features a Krang prototype with the alien telling the origin story. The second print is in black and white and the first print is in color $15-30
15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #1 $1.25 cover price variant – the dollar price cover is the common and this cover price variant is tougher to find. First Krang in comics
16. Moon Knight #38 1984 – series final issue of the first Moon Knight series. Moon Knight is hot right now. Make the money now as if Marvel doesn’t do something on t.v. soon, I can see it cooling off again $10
17. Silk #12 cosplay variant – out of all the cosplay variants, I can see this one having legs. I only wish it was one of my talented girls on the cover $12 and growing, not many on eBay.
18. Batwoman #1 New 52 second print – I love the Rebirth Detective run, #940 will be awesomesauce. Batwoman is great and this is a tough second print that is undervalued $5-10
19. Silver Surfer #50 – not sure if this has any spec value. however it is one of the first gimmick covers of the 1990’s… foil ,scratch and sniff, glow in the dark, stuff I can’t mention on this site as it is family friendly this also has a second print I believe
20. Bart Simpson Comics #100 – I love final issues. I love Bart Simpson and this is the final issue of the second Simpsons title $5-10.
Once again thanks for all the friendship, support and encourgment. If anyone has a copy of the formentioned Rolling Stone #663 I am buying, if your a female cosplayer looking for work give me a shout at and have a great week. So until next time, Blind Adam out

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