Variant Envy: Frankie’s Comics Dell’Otto Ghost Rider #1

Thanks to Kevin from Frankie’s Comics for sending this over. Frankie’s Comics are doing a Dell’Otto Variant for Ghost Rider #1.

The cover image hasn’t been released yet, but the book has already started selling incredibly well. Simon Payne released the news earlier at CBSI.

The book will be exclusive to Frankie’s Comics, Sad Lemon Comics, and Superheroes for sale. 


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18 Responses to Variant Envy: Frankie’s Comics Dell’Otto Ghost Rider #1

  1. degreesofseparation1968 says:

    Thanks for the heads up, just bagged one of the last two sets on Frankie’s! And only $7 for shipping to UK, total bargain IMHO, some postage is outrageous!! So well done to Frankie’s

  2. Tom Bator says:

    The sets with the secret 500 run variant are sold out. Only color and sketch variants are left.

    • degreesofseparation1968 says:

      I’ve never managed to get a variant like this before, not at cover, so well pleased I got one of the secret ones before they went!

  3. brandon says:

    They also have a secret Venom 1 variant set at better value of 49.99. Was this put up before the Ghost Rider 1 variant and being discounted? I think the Venom 1 is better value and a more popular character.

    • Donato Congialdi says:

      Agreed…I skipped the Ghost Rider and glad I did,Venom just went up today noonish,I grabbed a complete set. This should be a hottt book !!

  4. brandon says:

    I think they started the secret variant sets at 49.99 and then the price goes up closer to being sold out at 75.99

    • emiobeg says:

      I went to buy the all the sets at $49.99 and was sold out. When I went back to double check it was back in stock and bought it for $65.99. Now it’s $75.99. Who know’s what the price will be later on tonight. That’s missed up.

    • emiobeg says:

      I went to buy 3 set at $49.99 and was just sold out. I went back to double check and it was back in-stock and I bought it for $65.99. Now it’s $75.99 Who know’s what the price will be later on tonight. That’s missed up.

      • Alana says:

        Not good business practice, to gouge your customers

      • Simon Payne says:

        We sold the 1st 300 at discount price. That was clearly stated in the past on cbsi. Even final price was far cheaper than other stores did similar price run variants

      • emiobeg says:

        Ok. I missed that part. Any chance you can speed up my CBSI google+ membership?

      • Ed says:

        As long as the rules are stated up front, I don’t take much offense. I’d rather the seller make their money this way than to raise print runs and release secret variants AFTER customers have invested in the original set of books advertised at a set print run.

        In my opinion, Bulletproof’s Harley cash grab was much more offensive. After raising the prices on the color and black and white in waves, they announced an ultra rare pink copy for fifty dollars. I may be wrong, but I don’t think they even limited it to people who had already purchased other copies.¬†This completely killed the chances of those colors and black and whites selling out in the short term, as everyone was going to go after the pink version.

        And don’t get me started on Legacy’s holier than thou attitude towards speculators, doubling print runs without apology. “Howard” won’t even release print runs anymore, but that’s not going to stop him from cashing in on 30$ line art variants.

        I agree that we could quickly reach a saturation point with these ultra rare exclusives and the sellers are making out like bandits. Sellers are going to get their share as long as people are paying, and that’s going to continue as long as pink Harley’s are selling for 1000 dollars in the aftermarket.

        Didn’t mean for this rant to get so long!

  5. Alana says:

    Stuff like this is what’s destroying the comic market. If it isn’t enough to have 20 regular variants for a book, + 5 incentive covers, 30 store color covers at print run of 3000, 30 store B/W covers at 1500 copies, now the stores are tired of sitting on stacks of their store exclusives, they release the special only 500 variant to help sell the store variants that are not going to sell. I understand it’s Dell Otto but your buying these sight unseen and unlike the limited Harley rebirth variants these variants will have to compete with incentive variants from Marvel. I’m sure the majority of these went to Drewbizz, and mintymancave and other buy all the variants out flippers since there was no limit. It’s hard to be envious of a variant if you can’t even see the cover for it before it sells out.

    • Josh Masters says:

      +1 truth.

      My understanding was the first 300 3 packs were discounted at $49.99 with the next waves being “bumped” in price. I could’ve gotten the 3 pack for $50 (and I might regret it) but money is tight so I just opted for the 2 pk color/bw.

  6. brandon says:

    Alana- I think they offered the best value compared to any of the other exclusives offered with shorter print runs. Also, their Canadian shipping is not price gouging like almost every other site.

    • degreesofseparation1968 says:

      As I mentioned I was charged just $7 for shipping to the UK, which I think’s a real bargain. I looked at getting the ComixXposure All Star Batman variant set, but $21 dollar on top of the sale price is just too much.

      Unfortunately I ordered the second to last triple pack at $74.99, but I think will still be worth it with the secret variant in there.

  7. berkbridge says:

    @ emiobeg . Maybe if greedy gougers didn’t try to buy multiple copies just to sell them at exorbitant prices on Ebay, it would give fans a chance to get a set at the release price!

    • degreesofseparation1968 says:

      Weird thing to post on a comic book speculating site!

      I have bought a set purely to flip on eBay as soon as I get it, this is not a comic that remotely interests me. If that makes me a gouger, I can live with that. Even though I thought I was quite quick getting to Frankie’s, I got the second to last set. You have to be quick if you want these for your PC at cover price, if not you have to accept what the market sets the price at. Supply and demand at it’s purest.

      And anyone who did buy sets was taking a risk, as Alana stated you don’t know what the comic will even look like, could have crashed and burned. But on this occasion it looks like speculators will come out on top, that is capitalism.

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