Rogue One Smuggler's Bounty Spoilers

Tyson B. from with some Spoilers for the Rogue One Smugglers Bounty Box which looks like it can’t be missed. 

8 thoughts on “Rogue One Smuggler's Bounty Spoilers”

  1. I also have this subscription box and the DC one as well. That imperial death trooper looks sick. If it’s well played out, this might be my new favorite trooper.

  2. Yeah both of them where good. I just got the DC one last week and the Wonder Woman Action Figure loOKs cool. It has a 1970s toy look to it.

  3. I finally gave in and ordered it for the first time. I had sworn off mystery boxes. Maybe showing a little teaser is a good thing because I wouldn’t have ordered without the promise of 2 pops.

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