Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 27

Greetings to my Awesomesauce and Comics Heating Up families. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Before I give the top twenty gems of the week, I want to make an observation. Why aren’t the classic cartoons on dvd? No Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. No 1982 or 1987 Incredible Hulk, No Filmations Superboy. And the official Tick Animated has certain episodes cut out, whats up with that?
Superman #6 is my comic of the week. Loved it. If you have the time, go watch Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue on Youtube. What a PSA on the evils of drugs. Well, now lets make some money with some comics and you can’t teach that.
1. Batgirl #29 (New 52 series) Adam Hughes Robot Chicken variant – this is just a really cool variant. It is a Robot Chicken Variant by Adam Hughes. In the last few days I have been on an Adam Hughes kick. This book is awesome and can be found cheap $10-25
2. Action Comics #440-441 – first modern age Krypto spoilers for superman #6, I repeat spoilers for superman #6, I will say it again so please don’t player hate as spoilers for superman #6, Krypto was brought back in rebirth in last weeks Superman #6. Well this is the first modern age Krypto plus it features a classic Green Arrow story. Arrow Season 5 is coming soon and I still need to check out the Krypto show, is that show worth my time? leave a comment $10 and up
3. On Ravens Wings #2– with Doom Patrol #1 having dropped. I thought it would be worth mentioning that My Chemical Romance’s Daniel Way’s first comic book work is in this comic. This might have no room for growth as Mr. Way’s work is collectible but this is rare and hard to find in the wild $50-100
4. Spider-man and his Amazing Friends #1 – this is the first Firestar in comics. yes I know she makes her in-continuity in other comics, however this is her first appearance I am hoping she makes it into the New Warriors tv show and Disney get Amazing Friends onto dvd for crying out loud
5. Uncanny X-Men #189 – this book as no real spec value, however, this book gives me the creeps every time I read it. It is an origin issue for Rachel Summers and it features an image of a burning world trade center with a caption that the towers were destroyed and thousands are dead. Years and years before 9/11, as a native new Yorker, this issue just freaks me out. $5-10
6 Marvel Super Special #33 – Buckaroo Banzai adaption. Kevin Smith is doing a Buckaroo Banzai show for Amazon, and it will be a classic and a masterpeace like everything Kevin Smith does. This is a cheap spec play and these Marvel Super Specials are tough in high grade because of the size $10 and up
7. Cable & Deadpool #50 – this book has it all for everyone excited for Deadpool Back in Black. This is the better book to spec on. It is a low printed final issue. Deadpool, Cable, and Venom… Holy nineties… $30 and up
8. New Teen Titans #34 – it is an earily Deathstroke cover and story. With Deathstroke becoming a movie star and one day he will return to Arrow by season six, this book has a bright future and is a cheaper then NTT #2 or number’s 9 & 10 $1-3
9. Chasing Amy Last Page – OK, it is not a comic, but a page of Mike Allread art. It is featured at the end of a great movie, Chasing Amy. Kevin Smith, Jason Lee, Ben Afleck, Bluntman, Silent Bob, all that is awesome stuff. It is hard to find in the wild but can bought at the Secret Stash
10. Spawn Kills Everyone #1 – this book is just awesome. Made me a Spawn fan again. This is going to be on collectors radar for along time. Go for the variants or the upcoming second print. I loved spawn going ape & crazy on the Walking Dead cast $8-15
11. Walking Dead #1 Wizard World Con Variants – 2013 Wizard World did a bunch of Walking Dead #1 variants for the tour in 2013 they were cover homages by artists at the convention. There was a New York, a Chicago and a Philly I know of. They are just a cheap way to own the modern holy grail $20-50
12. Catwoman #44 2001 series – this is the start of the Adam Hughes Catwoman run which ends with issue #83. Issues #51 & 71 plus other issues in this run picking up steam I wanted to mention the first in
the run $10
13. Amazing Spiderman #131 – no real spec play. I just love the fact in this issue Aunt May almost marries doc ock. Just weird and awesomesauce. Ok, I am having an imagine flowing and I will keep it to
14. Spawn #4 – with the coupon, remember when Image did the Image #0 with certain books containing a coupon you had to cut out? Spawn #4 had one. Between Spawn Kills Everyone and rewatching season one of the HBO series, I started stocking Spawn again. I didn’t realize that #4 with or without the coupon was so cheap $2-5
15. Lookers #0 – this is an adult kick starter comic book. This is the thrill ride variant limited to 500 copies it looks interesting $15
16. Deadpool Back in Black #1 Tyler Kirkham variant – Yes, everyone knows about this. I say just grab the set color and black and white spend the $45 and make $200. As I see this being the new legacy Harley Quinn #1 pink and will go for $100 plus in a few months. If I am wrong I will throw the Comics Heating Up cos play pizza party
17. Wizard the Guide to Comics #223 – Mark Millar is one of the greatest comic book writers and film makers. He is a second place on my list of the greatest of all time right after Kevin Smith of course this issue features Kick Ass and Kick Ass is making a come back in 2017. It is going to be awesome. This is at the end of the Wizard run and is just cool $5
18. Life Magazine December 28 1959 – this vintage Life Magazine has a rare drawings of the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz has a fan following once again $20 and up.
19. Superman #286 – classic bronze age. Krypto gets his memories back. I love Krypto and this is just boss, no real spec vaule $10
20. Marvel Team Up #25 ( 2004) (2000’s series) – first of all Marvel, why are you canceling Deadpool and Spiderman? This Marvel Team Up series was a blast. Robert Kirkman at Marvel this is a Spiderman & Deadpool team up and is just a fun issue, plus, it is a final issue $10
Well once again thanks for everything. I love you guys, and now that I fade away I find myself obslote. So until next time and next week…
blind adam out

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  1. I was surprised by the, “Lookers,” comic. Yes, it was a hearty-helping of T&A artwork as is to be expected, but it had some really smart concepts discussed too. I mean, it freaking talks about the, “Male Gaze,” which is a communications concept I didn’t learn until College. I’ve been mulling over a blog post where I use it’s discussion of sexuality and technology along with other examples to discuss our society and its new technological implications on sex. My problem is sometimes I’ll think about a concept for months before I actually write it out. Anyways, a decent comic with some actually smart things…and yes, lots of nudity.

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