Dan Slott Tweets Out Clone Conspiracy Will Be Core Spiderman Book

Amazing Spiderman Writer Dan Slott tweeted out to retailers a link to a longer message where he mentions that Clone Conspiracy has not been heavily ordered and that it is the core Spiderman book coming up. Surprising this hasn’t sold more, especially since it is wrapped in a Gabriele Dell’Otto cover.

***Comic Book Retailers, PLEASE READ. Time sensitive.***
I’ve only sent a message like this to you twice, with the first one being when I told you ASM #698 would kick off something BIG (remember the death of Peter Parker and the launch of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN?). So I think my track record with you on this is pretty good, right?

You haven’t ordered enough CLONE CONSPIRACY #1.

And that’s OUR fault.

In every interview and promotion for this book we’ve said it WILL be the core Spider-Man title while it’s coming out. But since that hasn’t really stuck, it means WE weren’t hitting that information hard enough.

So I’m throwing this out there one last time:

CLONE CONSPIRACY is the CORE Spider-Man title.
It’s not a mini-series. It IS the SPIDER-MAN EVENT this year.

When you think Clone Conspiracy think SPIDER-ISLAND, ENDS OF THE EARTH, and SPIDER-VERSE. It’s THAT big. It will have ramifications that will affect a number of titles: mainly AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, PROWLER, and SILK (which all tie into Clone Conspiracy.)

Your regular Spider-Man readers will want to pick this up BECAUSE it’s the core title.
When lapsed Spider-Man readers hear what’s going on in via word of mouth and social media, THEY will want to pick this up… for *reasons*.

And, with Jim Cheung’s pencils, John Dell’s inks, and Justin Ponsor’s coloring on this, it will be one of the best damn looking books on the rack– and NEW readers will pick it up. And then get panels of it tattooed onto their bodies.

At its current numbers, I feel very confident that CLONE CONSPIRACY will sell out and go to additional printings. But that’d mean readers would be getting everything out of sequence– and you know THEY don’t want that, YOU don’t want that, and I don’t want that. So help a guy out, okay? 😉

FINAL ORDER CUT OFF for CLONE CONSPIRACY #1 is THIS Monday, September 19th.
(If you’re a reader and you’re seeing this, please be sure to CALL your local comic shop today, Sunday the 18th, or tomorrow, Monday the 19th, and ask them to hold Clone Conspiracy #1 for you. If you want to get a copy when it comes out, calling them this Tuesday might be too late.)


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14 Responses to Dan Slott Tweets Out Clone Conspiracy Will Be Core Spiderman Book

  1. David Bitterbaum says:

    “Clone Conspiracy,” will be a core book, and yet I still have zero interest in anything that rehashes the clone nonsense of the 1990’s. That’s just me being a stinker though.

  2. Georges Pearson says:

    The Amazing Spidermeh
    I’d rather re-read my old ASM than this stuff….

  3. Ray says:

    It’s already scheduled for second print so….

    • David Bitterbaum says:

      Marvel’s cancelled 2nd-prints before due to low demand. I’m not saying they will here, but I just think society can’t take much more Spider-Man clone junk. I’m pretty pessimistic though.

  4. Corey says:

    I am so burnt out with Dan Slott, so hard for me to really take much stock in his promises that this is going to be such a huge deal.

  5. agentpoyo says:

    Slott needs to hand the reigns over for ASM. As a long time Amazing Spider-Man fan.. he’s had a nice long good and bad run, time to call it quits Dan and move on to another character, maybe one that no one cares so much about.

  6. Lonzilla says:

    More Slott slop. Pass

  7. Part of the problem is that Marvel was initially teasing “Dead No More” as the big event; then they shifted focus to the “Clone Conspiracy”… then people couldn’t tell whether or not they were one & the same, or two different events. Even the current Amazing Spider-man issues say “Before Dead No More” across the top, so they are focusing more on that upcoming storyline in ASM, and NOT on the “Clone Conspiracy”. I still read Spidey, I do hope it’s interesting, but I have actually written into Marvel several times to plead with them to have Dan Slott ousted so we can get new blood writing Spidey. Slott’s run has gone on too long, and aside from standout issues, it looks like he’s running out of steam in his storytelling.

  8. it is time for slot to end his awesome and long run on amazing. here is an idea. let slot do a solo ben grim series . I miss old school thing heck slot on a thing&human torch eries would own . blind adam out

  9. A. King says:

    I think I’ll pass.

  10. Todd says:

    I’ve flat out refuse to buy or read anything Marvel puts out & I’m a huge marvel fan. I have no interest in anything relating to clones after the clone nonsense back in the 90’s. They won’t get any money out of me until the nonstop big events stop starting series over with a number 1 issue every few months.

    • Anthony says:

      You sound like me. I was a marvel fan boy all my life and have been reading and collecting core marvel books for years. Have a good silver and Bronze Age collection of key and not so key marvel books. And for the most part now I will not touch them.

  11. Mike says:

    Spidey’s always been my favorite and I used to love Slott’s work on the title. I had to drop it after I saw the Spider Submarine after one of the recent reboots. I don’t recognize the character anymore and ASM has just turned to drivel. Looking forward to jumping back aboard when Slott eventually leaves the title but not before. I miss good storytelling and character development without constant universe shattering events. It’s unusual to get a normal story line where the fate of the entire earth isn’t in jeopardy. It’s ok to shift the status quo, but it’s been shifted so frequently and so quickly that it’s just hackneyed at this point. Getting my Spider-Man fix through back issues and the Spider-Man / Deadpool book which has been pretty fun,

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