Mel V.'s Variant Picks of the week for 9/21/16

WHAT UP CHU? Mel V back with your weekly dose of Variants. Right out of the gate I gotta say I’m totally shocked at how well that Silk Cosplay is doing in the aftermarket, selling for 30-45 bucks. Not bad. Last week’s Black Panther Udon variant, I had no idea there would be that many out there, I was wrong about that one being hard to find. But to make it up to you, I have got some decent variants this week on my radar. So, lets get into the getting in to
Civil War II #5 Cover D Incentive Phil Noto Black Panther Variant Cover – Ya Got Panther. Ya got Noto. Put them together and you have one cool rendition. This is T-Shirt worthy if you can find the virgin cover
Civil War II X-Men #4 Cover C Incentive Brittney L Williams Black Panther 50th Anniversary Variant Cover – Shout out to Rory G. for putting me on to this cover. I like the cartoon effect that Brittney Williams used for this cover. I believe this is a 1:15 and this book could be highly printed. I’m gonna buy one and hold for a while to see where it goes
Harley Quinn Vol 3 #4 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Cover – I’m starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to Harley and Bill Sienkiewicz. But at least I can pronounce his name correctly now with out batting an eye. Yet another beautiful cover, this time featuring her and Posion Ivy. Quinn and Ivy covers have done well in the past, but with this being a 1:1 variant, this is one for the collection and not to be flipped
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM Studios) #7 Cover D Incentive Goni Montes Zord Virgin Variant Cover – Not much Spec here, just a great looking cover for the former Power Ranger fan in me. It would look nice on a shirt for all my fellow Power Ranger fans.. great work by artist Goni Montes
Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 Cover D Incentive Nei Ruffino Homage Variant Cover – He is my sneaky pick of the week , now mind you there is a market out here for these kind of books, I’m not to sure on the ratio on this Cover D but I believe it to be a 1:10 (someone correct me if I’m wrong). I think a Chun Li in a swimsuit cover could be a hit in the aftermarket, not many listed right now but the last Chun Li cover for Street Fighter Unlimited did great numbers before it fizzled ..keep your eyes open for this one come Wednesday

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  1. In regards to the BP 6 Udon variant, it’s not that it wasn’t a low run book (it’s going to be less than Once Our Land print run which is considered a low print run), it’s that everyone saw a money grab and threw it up for sale as soon as they got it. Give it time as it settles into actual collector’s peecees while flippers let it got for 20 bucks or less. Unfortunately a lot of these variant sales are between speculators passing a book around with very little going into peecees until the market cools off and they move on to the next hyped one.

    1. It was and still is a ton of Udons on shelves in my not sure if its just people not having interest in the cover or what ..but 1 store in particular who hardly ever gets enough for 1 1:25 ratio had gotten 3 still sitting there I was shocked

  2. How can you not mention that the Street Fight Swimsuit Special is a direct nod to the MARVEL Swimsuit Special in the mid 90’s? Was the original Marvel one done by Adam Hughes?

    1. You are talking about the Homage Swim Suit Special. Yeah. It is similar different directions and slightly different poses but it is a nod to it. And yes, Adam Hughes did the cover.

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