Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 28

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you for reading this each and every week. Thank you for the friendship, encourgment, advice, and surport. NYCC is almost here. If you want to party like a rock star let me know. If anyone wants anything special leave a message in the comments.
I just want to say Superwoman #2 was a great read. All Star Batman #2 was my book of the week. Why in Rebirth is All Star Batman & Detective Comics, especially #940, better then the main Batman book? Oh and Red Bull is the greatest drink ever made. Now, lets make some money on some comics, because you can’t teach that.
1. Sex Crimials #14 Katie Cook XXX variant. I am on a Katie Cook kick this week. This variant is just awesome and amazingly cheap $5-10
2. X vs A #6 – Pixy and Squirrel Girl playing with X-Men and Avengers action figures by Katie Cook. This is Katie’s first Marvel work I believe, but don’t quote me on that $2-5
3. Fast Willie Jackson #1 – this one is for Mel V. I was listening to the CBSI podcast and Mel was asking about the “black Archie comic” and this is it. Fast Willie Jackson #1 . If you can this at a great price, check it out as the book is so a “product of its time” $30 and up
4. Megaton #5 – this is the first pro work of Rob Liefeld. Love him or hate him. I love him. He has done me some great sketches over the years. This is his first work, no real spec play, just a cool piece of comic book history $5-10
5. Marvel Milestone Amazing Spiderman #149 – why does Marvel have to revist the worst period of Spider-man history every couple of years? Dan Slott needs to revist the clone b.s. of the 1990s’. Does the clone saga have some awesomesauce moments? Yes, yes it does, but the majority of it is just craptacular. If you want a cheap quick flip, then this reprint of the first clone, the best clone is it? $3-5
6. Spectacular Spiderman Annual #8 – this is the reintroduction of the Gwen
Stacy clone. This is in dollar boxes
7. Extreme Justice #9 – first DCU appearance of the Wonder Twins. Yes, Super Friends #7 is hot. but Extreme Justice is a quarter bin book. This is laying in ban bargain bins nationwide
8.Extreme Justice #14 – final issue of a series featuring the Wonder Twins. If the Wonder Twins ever make it to screen, then this book can go up up up. In bargain bins nationwide
9. Ghost Busters TMNT #1 Hastings variant – I am surprised with the Batman TMNT hotness that the other TMNT cross overs are so cheap especially the TMNT Ghost Busters cross over this the Hastings variant
to #1. There are Hasting variants for #1-4 of this series $5-10
10. Avengers vs the X-Men #12 Hastings Deadpool Variant – Wow, why does this only go for $10 has Deadpool variants cooled off ?
11. Deadpool #1 Hastings Donald Trump variant – this is just #awesomesauce I will pay $10 for this. Just a cool cover it goes on eBay or $10-15 happy hunting
12. New Teen Titans #89 – first cover art by Rob Liefeld. This is the Titans & Rob Liefeld and it is in dollar boxes why?
13. X-Factor #68– with New Mutants #87 going for triple digits, I wanted to point out an issue featuring an origin of Cable story. This was a hot book back in the day, goes for a buck or three at tops and once Cable makes his big screen premiere, all cable books will be smoking hot
14. Space Ghost Coast to Coast #1 – r.i.p. Steven Crocker, who did animation and voiced Zorak. Without Space Ghost Coast to Coast there would be no Adult Swim, no Rick and Morty, no Mike Tyson Mysteries. Nothing great in animation on Sunday nights r.i.p. Steven and thank you. This is a cheap Space Ghost comic and is just a blast $5-15
15. Kidnaping Kevin Smith– I don’t know much on this book. I did an eBay search for hard to find Kevin Smith comic books. Bought a first print of the Mallrats comic this way. I came across this neat trade
paperback. Book was made in 2011 by some small press publisher. If anyone can provide any further details put em in the comments please $5-20
16. Thundercats vs Battle of the Planets #1 – with the Thundercats/He-Man book getting plenty of heat, I wanted to point out a great dollar box find, The Thundercats vs Battle of the Planets. happy hunting
17. Ultimate Warrior Ashcan – this is a dual collectible. Not only is it a great comic
book, but an Ultimate Warrior item, and, it even features Deadpool. As I call b.s. on this, but the Ultimate Warrior kills Deadpool w.t.f.?? $5-10
18. New Guardians #2 – I know everyone knows this book, but the whackiness that is Snowflame needs to be brought back. I so want to do a fan film on this cocaine powered super villain as this is awesomesauce $10 and up
19. Overstreet Fan #14– no real spec value, but I do well at conventions with old fanzines. Wizards and Overstreet Fan’s especially. #14 has a great Superman cover by Alex Ross. This issue came out in 1996 and was around the time of Kingdom Come. It goes for anywhere between $5-30
20. Suicide Forest 1-4 – Just got finished watching The Forest. One of my favorite stories. Anything that takes place in the Aokigahara Forest I find interesting and Suicide Forest is done by the awesome horror writer El Torres.
I now need another Red Bull. I can’t get enough of the stuff, and as I
fade away, I find myself obsolete. So until next week…
blind adam out

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  1. I picked up Thundercats vs battle of the planets cause i just wanted to know why the heck would they ever cross over…didnt read it yet tho…Yea Fast Willie Jackson ..Jimmy Linguini put me on to that book..been hunting for em in the wild..i may just break down and get it off ebay ..Good list Adam

  2. If they make a Seven to Eternity #1 Variant for NYCC…I would love one. Don’t even know if they will make one, but figured I would ask now before everyone demands it.

  3. Snowflake is definitely a villian that should make a comeback. New Guardians #2 was awesome.The guy snorted a bunch of coke to power up, then beat the crap out of the whole New Guardians team…just insane!!!

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