Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 29

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Three brief thoughts before we make some money on some comics.
1. Chicken Fries from Burger King are the greatest thing ever invented.
2. Amazing Spiderman #18 was a great read, why can’t this be the focus instead of the damn clones.
3. Can we please have some cos-play love for classic girls from the 1970’s era
Spiderwpman, Dazzler & Silver Banshee? Please make em cos-play all stars
Now let’s make money on comics, because you can’t teach that

1. Spectacular Spiderman #22&23 – this is a cheap bronze age spec. This two part story is a early Moon Knight appearance and this might be his first meeting witht he webhead $5-10
2. Spectacular Spiderman 69-70 – another two part story. But it features the second and third appearances of Cloak and Dagger. I would love to see Cloak and Dagger make it on to Netflix instead of just basic cable.
3. Classic X-Men #41#42 this is an origin story of Mr. Sinster. With X-Men #221 on fire I was looking at other sinster apperances and I really like this one plus you can find em in dollar boxes
4. Animosity #3 Frankies comics black and white variant- this is going to explode. A great cover and the black and white is limited to 50 copies, just look at what the sketch cover for #1 is doing
5. Spawn #265 NYCC blank variant – this is the first blank cover in spawn history. It is limited to 666 copies and is a NYCC exclusive print the money however it does have a $50 buy in .
6. The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1 – the official origin of Mr. Sinister. Tells his connection to Scott Summers, Scott’s wife Jean Grey, and their kid Cable. This is a mini series and I would just spec on the entire mini series, but you can just go chase the #1 as well happy hunting
7. Batman #619 Jim Lee European tour edition – this is the end of the Hush storyline. This is the European tour edition and is limited to around under 2,000 copies it goes for $30-50
8. Spectacular Spiderman Magazine #2 – this is a silver age classic. Retells the identities of Spiderman and the Green Goblin being revealed to each other. The dinner party sceen was animated in the nineties animated series. With Stan Lee ending his convention appearance career (I will believe it when I see it) this is a great Spiderman book to get s.s.ed $20 and up
9. Spiderman Black Cat the Evil That Men Do #6 – it is spiderman &kevin smith so it is on blind adms top twenty list. but this has a low print run . a great read and this flushes out the black cat to me great story $10
10. Superman #1 (1987 series) the first modern age Metallo. Supergirl season two drops on October 10th. Superman is coming to the CW plus Metallo, so this almost 30 year old comic which is very, very cheap, like under five bucks cheap, should be played like a drum in a high school pep rally
11. Luke Cage Hero for Hire #17– this is the first meeting between Luke Cage and my boy Daredevil. Defenders drops in 2017 on Netflix and Luke Cage is the greatest show ever made . $10 and up
12. Powerman & Iron Fist #77– this is the first team up with Powermac, Iron Fist, and the old hornhead Daredevil $10-20. All earily team up of the Netflix Defenders team should be snatched up now
13. Red Sonja #7 (2007 Series) Cover A – no real spec play, except for Adam Hughes collectors. Just this cover of Red Sonja drinking a pint of beer is #awesomesauce. Copies can be had on my comic shop for around $5
14. Carnage Its a Wonderful Life – Carnage is awesome, this warped Christmas story is just amazing and rare in the wild but a must if your a Carnage fan $10-25
15. Spiderman 2099 #46 this is the final issue of the Spiderman 2099 run. Not sure of the spec play but this is a tough find in the wild $10
16. Static Shock #4445 – people know of these issues. just wanted to shed the light that these were written by fatman on batman co host mark behardan I love fatman on batman and in case you don’t know I am a kevin smith diehard $20 and up
17. Marvel Knights #1 Dynamic Forces Variant– this team features Daredevil and the Punisher Netflix baby this is a df. variant limited to under 5,000 copies. Never checked this series out but it is cheap $5-10
18. Danger Girl #5 Dynamic Forces blue bikini cover. Limited to just around 4,500 copies J Scott Campbell in his prime. Danger Girl is awesomesauce $20
19. Journey into Mystery #655 this is a great read and Loki is amazing. Thor 3 is coming and I loved Kid Loki. The final issue in a great run and it is between $3-5
I hope to see you all at NYCC. Now, its off for Lucky Charms and old cartoons.
So until next time
blind adam out

3 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 29”

  1. Thank you sir..great picks..I enjoyed Luke Cage but gotta say I think the villains on Daredevil (obviously) and Jessica Jones were a lot better overall than the ones in Cage..still a great show and Defenders will rock!

  2. I actually got a photo with a Dazzler at Heroes Con this year. She was on roller skates & had a friend with her, but neither of them had a backpack of any kind… so she likely didn’t arrive on sneakers & switch to roller skates at the show… so she was committed to the role!

  3. … and those final issues of Spider-man 2099 have eluded me. At least at the prices I’m willing to pay for my personal collection. Someday I’ll cave and buy them, but they are definitely harder to find.

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