Poyo's Picks of the Week for Sept. 5th 2016

It’s Con Week for me and a few others. Yes, anyone going to NYCC, look for me, I’ll be hanging around that Tony guy.. and Tyson from ToyBoxOne!
It’s a huge week and I’ll be traveling on Wednesday so I’m hoping I ordered most of what I wanted or need, but I’m sure I missed something for the collection.
Regardless, let’s get on with the picks…
Deadman Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1 (DC) – I’m going out on a limb here but I think this one is going to be overlooked. What grabbed my attention was it’s written by Sara Vaughn, fame from Alex + Ada, which I loved.
Jessica Jones #1 (Marvel) – So much new stuff coming out this week for Marvel but this one will be the winner in my opinion. It will draw non comic book readers out who are fans of the show along with Bendis writing this next go round again.
Spec of the Week
Walking Dead #159 (Image) – As you’ve already read, “major death” in this issue as reported by Bleeding Cool, however the spoiler show a unique end for a certain character. The rumor was, the character has had their own special book (well she did have a special issue 100 cover), etc. I was hoping it was Carl cause he annoys me. Walking Dead is always a pick…
Image #1 List
Romulus, Moonshine, Green Valley #1  and Cannibal #1 … Green Valley has most of my attention.. Cannibal might have potential.. Moonshine might be good. I think Romulus looks like it won’t make my list of reads, just doesn’t grab my attention much, the description just doesn’t do anything for me to get excited for it.
Indie Picks of the Week
Shipwreck #1  (After-Shock) – A new Warren Ellis book. It’s on my radar but my only fear is there will be large gaps in releases, which can kill a story and good comic relatively quickly.
Girrion #1 (Scout Comics) – This is probably another spec pick as well for me. I’me excited for this one. Art looks great, I love sci-fi.. just hopefully good stuff and it’s not a let down. It’s an indie book so expect low print runs as well.
Honorable Mentions
Black #1  (Black Mask) – It’s already going for a second print. I’ve been kind of turned off by Black Mask due to their tactics and large gaps in books being released. They’d be killing it if it weren’t for these, as I enjoy most of their books, the publishing side of things is what’s killing their potential.
I could list a whole bunch more but that’s all I’m going to list, as again, this week is a huge week for comic books. My wallet is hurting and it’s gonna hurt since I’ll be in NY as well.

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  1. I’m hoping Warren Ellis can stay on track. i almost didn’t order the book because it was him…..but I also wanted to order the book because it was him. Warren….you’re killing me here!

      1. Hey poyo you into tabletop gaming? Mantic had a kickstarter earlier this year for a Walking Dead game. You could kill Carl all you want…

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