Spider-Man Clone Conspiracy Marve Retailer Meeting NYCC 2016

Guess who is coming back in Spider-Man Clone Conspiracy? Spoilers of issue 1 ahead. 

Not only is the pudgy classic Doc Oc back. But so is Gwen Stacy proper.

Issues 2&3 will have huge twists as well


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7 Responses to Spider-Man Clone Conspiracy Marve Retailer Meeting NYCC 2016

  1. Elvi says:

    Let’s just bring Uncle Ben back while we’re at it. Sheesh.

    • brennan says:

      They did. In spider-verse. Alternate version, but still back.

      • Elvi says:

        I meant in regular continuity. If they’re bringing Gwen back to the 616 for reals (instead of a clone that makes babies with Norman Osborn), then why not Ben?!

        I really enjoyed Superior Spider-Man because it was a fresh take on the character. Slott’s latest run hasn’t been bad (with successful Parker). I enjoyed Morlun and the Spider-Totems storyline from a few years back. They’ve introduced Ezekiel, Morlun, Anti-Venom, Mr. Negative, Agent Venom, etc. Great new(ish) characters but all have added something new to the Spider-man mythos. Having them revisit the Clone storyline (FOR THE THIRD TIME) and bringing dead characters back to life is just weak and lazy, IMO.

  2. brennan says:

    Didn’t gwen show up in the last issue of ASM? I’m pretty certain she was in a scene this week.

    • brennan says:

      I figured ock would get a new U body since they showed up right around the time we found out he was still kicking around.

  3. Jesus says:

    This will be intresting to see how both characters get along. I enjoyed reading the superior spiderman books. And Doc Oc did make Paker into a better spiderman and gave him better tech. IMO.

  4. David Bitterbaum says:

    All these clones and no talk of bringing back fan-favorite Ben Reilly? Yes, I’m kidding. Or was he mentioned and I missed it?

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