Mel V’s Variant Picks of the Week for 10/19/16

What Up Chu? Mel V. here with the variants of the week… Shush… has it been a week already. Kind of a quiet week for variants, however, the show must go on. SO LETS GET INTO THE GETTIN INTO

KISS Vol 3 #1 Cover M Incentive Shouri Demon Emoji Virgin Cover – Who’s not a fan of Gene Simmons and the Demon. This is a cute, evil rendition

Black Panther Vol 6 #7 Cover F Incentive Cosplay Variant Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In) – This one is so bad, so very bad, it could be sought after. If I see one for cheap I will get one

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #11 Cover B Variant Champions Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In) – Small spec play here. If Agents of Shield is around long enough to see a live action Ms Marvel appearance meet up with Ghost Rider, this would be the 1st time, if I’m not mistaken, they have appeared on cover together


Civil War II Kingpin #4 Cover B Variant Kyle Baker Cover – Borderline T-Shirt worthy. Love the savage beating Kingpin is giving out


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24 Responses to Mel V’s Variant Picks of the Week for 10/19/16

  1. agentpoyo says:

    I am going to avoid the Black Panther cosplay, it’s that awful. I can’t believe anyone would spend the $21.25 at Midtown for that thing..

  2. Alana says:

    No love for any of the Infamous Ironman covers?

  3. cjsipe says:

    Yeah after the Silk cosplay went nuts, midtown bumped the price to $20+. crazy if you ask me! I bought the Black Panther one though! lol and the Punisher last week.

  4. larry doherty says:

    After last years cosplay’s tanked, NOBODY ordered qty on these.
    Squirrel Girl & any others with nice set of ‘fun bags” on the cover should do fantastic.
    I spit coffee out my nose when I saw that Panther. That dudes a real cos-player. Hilarious.

    Wish I had a picture but:
    One per shop. Insane cover.
    Cult classic property w die-hard fans.
    Could be $$

    Marvel Now DEODATO TEASER Variants are so clean & elegant, I want to collect them.
    Marvel really shoots themselves in the foot sometime with their solicitation process, NO art available, so retailers often pass. White covers are a Mo-Fo for high grade too.
    Only 1/10’s but they’re pretty clean / sharp looking books.

    There’s a My Little Pony Trump parody cover this week too.
    I love my ponies…

  5. Miecree Cannon says:

    Thanks Mel!

  6. Jesus says:

    The black panther cosplay looks like the 1980s luchador’s costume. I see him wrestling next to El Santo or Blue Demon.

  7. Gota check the invoices for that Evil Dead/Dracula book!

  8. Howie says:

    Got the KISS Cover M for cover price. My personal favorite is the Francavilla variant. Anyone that’s talked variants with me for 5 minutes knows I’m a Francavilla fan. I’m taking a liking to the Rebirth Bermejo variants too. He just has a way with Harley that I truly dig.

  9. A. King says:

    I saw that Black Panther cover for $5.99 at one shop I went to. I passed.

  10. Wally West says:

    Nice picks mel. I think the Black Panther and Iron Man hip-hop variant covers could also be ones to watch..

  11. Nicc T says:

    I’ll grab you one of those BP cosplay covers in about a month from the dollar bin. Or are you talking it up because it’s you behind that mask?

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