Frankie’s Comics announces Star Wars Dr Aphra #1 Variant

Our friends at Frankie’s Comics along with Sad Lemon Comics and 7 Ate 9 Comics have announced their latest variant project. The guys who released the Dell’Otto Venom #1 and Ghost Rider #1 variants that blew through pre-orders, have sent out word that their newest variant available for preorder is for Dr Aphra #1 and features art by Sara Pichelli.

There will be three variants available; The standard color variant with a print run of 3,000 copies, a black and white variant with a print run of 1,500 copies, and a special “Dark Side” variant limited to 500 copies.


In the US the sets can be pre-ordered from Frankies Comics
In the UK you can pre-order sets from Sad Lemon Comics and 7 Ate 9 Comics

You can also check out the Gamora #1 by Emanuela Lupacchino while you are there.


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12 Responses to Frankie’s Comics announces Star Wars Dr Aphra #1 Variant

  1. Alana says:

    I Plead with you comic publishers and comic vendors please stop with the “secret variants” 10-15 new super secret limited variants announced this week alone. You are destroying comic collecting, it was cute at first but now every new book has 3 or more secret variants plus a dozen other variants. What’s the point of buying regular covers anymore?

  2. Bill says:

    – at some point these 3000, 1500, 500 sets will fall down. The market goes through these little cycles…. foil covers from graphitti, aspen stuff, venom covers, etc.
    Get in for the 1st few. .. sell them … and then stop else you’re stuck with 3 comics for $60

    • Anthony says:

      I have to say the 500 print run Marvel variant is not something every retailer gets and is a pretty big coup pulled off by Frankie’s comics. With that said, it you look at even some of the big ratio variants Marvel had for Star Wars, 1:1000 variants, you will see that the 1 of 500 covers turns out to be pretty rare.

      • Bill says:

        Yup… this one will likely hit it big also. I suppose my only point is people tire of seeing the same thing over and over and over no matter what it is. The “thing” now is these secret variants and 3000, 1500, 500. Black Mask. Venom variants also. These trends seem to last a year or two and eventually fade. It’s just human nature. At $60 a pop… I fear this 3000, 1500, 500 is coming to a close soon.

      • Anthony says:

        Except it is not $60 a pop, but for 3 covers.

      • Anthony says:

        And yes, times and tastes do change. Not arguing that one.

    • simon payne says:

      its not a secret variant. The whole secret variant name only came about as we didn’t know what Dell’Otto would do on 500 print variant so I came up with name ‘secret’ variant. Next thing we knew every store had one. So we killed name off after that!!!!!!!!
      This is a darkside variant 😉

  3. Junior says:

    I have to agree with Alana this is getting ridiculous. I’m glad the bulk of my money goes to the other ages rather then moderns.

  4. A. King says:

    I am also getting tired of all these variants. I can see the 1st issue of a new series having a variant or 2 and then after that the milestone issues (#25, #50, #100…..) having variants, but this variant for every issue every month is getting to be too much.

  5. Alana says:

    I don’t even think comics make it to #50 or any milestone issue anymore, they have to be relaunched with new variants every year 😬

    • agentpoyo says:

      This reminds me when I collected sports cards back in the early 90s, when it started becoming a chase for the inserts rather than creating a complete set. Where your packs of 15 cards for $0.50 to $1.00 turned into packs of 5 cards for $5.00. The sets went from 700 cards down to 150 for the set.. but there was 2 dozen smaller chase insert sets. That’s when I stopped collecting them.. it got to be too much. Last I checked, it’s still just as bad. It turned from a kids hobby to a rich man’s hobby.

      All these store variants and such are getting just as bad as I agree. You know how we change it? We stop buying them. When the stores realize no one is buying variants or their variants, they’ll stop. But how do we get the junkies to stop buying? Well, perhaps we should all get our own Lucille’s and wait for them at the comic book stores.. 😛

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