Scout by Tim Truman optioned for Movie

One of the three independent comics I loved when I was younger, Scout, by Tim Truman (with art from John K. Snyder in the early issues) has been picked up for a movie treatment. 


Originally announced yesterday, Alana tipped many readers off in the comment section, but Scout has been picked up by Studio 8 for a film.

Scout, AKA Emanuel Santana, first appeared in the Eclipse comic Scout #1. Individual issues have risen in price, however, they can be picked up in sets fairly cheap.

CBR had the story…

Production company Studio 8 recently announced that it has secured the film option rights for Timothy Truman’s post-apocalyptic eco-thriller “Scout.”

Originally published by Eclipse Comic between 1985 and 1987, the original “Scout” series lasted 24 issues and was both written and drawn by Truman, a creator perhaps best known for his work on “Hawkworld” and various Jonah Hex series for DC Comics/Vertigo.

The story focuses on ex-Army Ranger and Apache Emanuel Santana and his spiritual quest that leads him on an odyssey through a fallen future America that is no longer a world power.

“Scout” is not the first comic series McBride has attempted to take to the silver screen – in 2014 Sony bought his pitch for a movie based on Dwayne Harris’s sci-fi comic “Amnesia,” and while hopes are high that the “Scout” adaptation hits cinema screens soon, the project in the very early stages of development and current lacks even the most tentative of release dates.


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  1. OCguy72 says:

    Mile High still has some cheap ones (if you use their “secret” code word) depending on what kind of sale they have this week. Amazon still has a few cheap ones up. Not sure if it is worth getting many copies of for just a movie option but worth a pick up for the pc if you don’t have one yet.

  2. TopherS says:

    First appearance of Scout: Amazing Heroes Preview Special 1 ( Summer 1985 )

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