Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 31

Blind Adam is a New York/New Jersey based comic book seller who puts out a fun list of comics each week. Yes, he is blind (90%).
Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you to everyone that reads this each and ever week. Thank you to everyone that listens to my awesomesauce podcast on Youtube. Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true.
Before we make money on comics, I have a few thoughts and would like to offer an autograph opportunity for the hidden gem readers. I will be at the upcoming Rhode Island Comic Con, happening on November 11th-13th. I will be getting copies of Marvel Tales #137 Nabisco Variant autographed by Stan Lee . I will have ten spots opened to anyone that wants one. It will come with either a c.o.a. or cgc witnessed your choice. If you want one or the details, leave a comment in the comment section. My other thoughts are
is that All Star Batman #3 was book of the week. I am loving this book and it is the best Batman book in rebirth. Speaking of being reborn, Reborn is the best Mark Millar book in years. I would hold the NYCC Variant and McFarlane Variant if you scored them.  Now lets make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that. #awesomesauce
1.  Marvel Premiere #15 Netflix Variant – this is a reprint of the first appearance of Iron Fist. It features a Vin Jones cover and was a NYCC giveaway.  I really like this cover and it is a cheap way to score the first Iron Fist $10-15
2. Reborn #1 Second Print –  Mark Millar’s new series Reborn is on fire. And that is with no movie news as of yet. This series is great so far, and  sold out at Diamond. If you missed out,  get on board with the second print which is a pre-order and cover price for now
3. The Crow #1 Caliber Press Second Print  –  The Crow is getting another movie. God knows why and it better be good or I will pull a Jay and Silent Bob and go to Hollywood.  In a market where second prints and tenth prints (Hey Spiderman Deadpool #1  how you doing?) I am surprised that this The Crow #1 Caliber Press Second Print is only going for $25-50 There is a Third Print on this too.
4. Cracked Magazine #196 – this has no real spec value, except this issue has the Dukes of Hazzard racing KITT from Knight Rider. 80’s kids will love this, heck, it is one of my favorite Cracked covers of all time $5-10
5. Spider-man & The Zoids June 1986 – this has it all; Star Wars, the Webhead himself, and the Zoids. This is a rare british reprint from June 1986 and is awesomesauce. happy hunting
6. Super Powers Super-mobile  – Yes I know, it is not a comic book. Yes some might say it most likely has no spec value. However, the Super Powers action figures got me and many others into comic books. (If anyone can help me obtain one mint I box it would reek of awesomness) Plus it is really cheap compared to the Batmoble or Darkseid Destroyer. This line had some really cool play-sets and vehicles. The recent Logan Trailer had me thinking of the Spider-mobile that appeared in Old Man Logan, this is another one of the crazy vehicles from toy/comic lines.
7. Topps Return of the Jedi Sticker album – I can remember the days back in the days of grade school,  it was all pizza, chasing the hot girls on the playground, and exchanging stickers of Pac-Man & Return of the Jedi stickers for kisses, and getting quarters for my doubles of the stickers or stickers I needed. Damn those were the days. Now, completed sticker albums go for decent money on ebay $25-40
8. Detective Comics #241 – I received the NYCC Rainbow Batman Pop for a birthday gift. This was sold out every day at the Funko booth and most Gamestops that got them in blew out of them. I had to find the first appearance of this crazy, Silver Age Batman. Well, Detective Comics #241 is where this “Rainbow Batman” was introduced. The story is not as bad as I thought it would be $30 and up snag the grade you can afford
9. Death Force #1 Pokemon Cosplay Variant – this is just an amazing cover. People do gobble these Zenescope cos-play variants up . I just love the cover, and Pokemon is hot (except for comics) $20
10. Batwoman #0 (Pre-Flashpoint) – Batwoman is getting a new series. She is one of the best parts of the current Detective Comics run. She will be on Supergirl CW show and had a decent new 52 series . This #0 came out before her new 52 series is undervalued and overlooked as is 52 Weeks #7 & 11. I love Kate Kane and now an idea is coming into my mind $1-5.
11. Amazing Spiderman #188 – The Punisher is ramping up for Netflix. Filming and casting are going on as we speak. Everyone is chasing ASM #162, but #188 with the black cover has a Punisher Cameo and is the second appearance of Jigsaw $10-20
12. Archie vs Predator NYCC 2015 ashcan – I just discovered this recently. This was an ashcan given out at the 2015 NYCC. Archie, Betty, Cherry Blossom, Reggie and the rest of the Riverdale gang against the Predator, please tell me Predator destroys Riverdale ? All the same, this is a cool cheap ashcan $5
13. Incredible Hulks #635 Blank Cover Variant – final issue with legacy numbering. She Hulk, Bruce Banner. In time I believe finding unsketched blank covers will become more and more difficult as they get sketched upon $5
14. All Star Squadron #67 – Legends of Tomorrow season two has started. They are doing the second live action JSA in DC television history. Smallville did it first and those episodes were #awesomesauce. This is a final issue from a beloved run and JSA Rebirth is
coming soon $5-10
15. Spider-man 2099 #1 Marvel Legends Reprint – This comics came with the pretty hard to find KB Toy’s Exclusive Spiderman 2099 figure. However the white background on this cover is nice looking and finding these reprints in nice shape is a chore happy hunting $10
16. Daredevil Marked for Death Trade paperback 1st print – Daredevil Season 3 has been announced. I believe Bullseye will be in Season three. This is Frank Miller art and art only. However this Bullseye story is just a great read. This trade is out of print and is just
awesome $5-10
17. The Jetsons #1 Gold Key – with all the Hanna-Barbera cartoons getting love from DC, my question is, why no love for the Jetsons? Yes, the Jetsons are good for nothing liars. We live in 2016 and still no flying cars, no food pills, or robot maids, WTF? But in any grade, this is a great pick up for the PC.
18. Batman Meets the TMNT Adventures #1 regular cover – Batman Meets TMNT was the surprise hit of last year. This has a classic Harley Animated Series look, teams the Joker & Harley with Shredder, and Batman with the Turtles. I see this being a $10 book and is a pre-order for now. Tony featured this one a little while back here.
19. Action Comics #1 1993 Jerry Siegel Autographed Dynamic Forces Reprint – Action Comics #1 is the king of comics in every way including reprints. I didn’t even know this rare and limited to 1,000 copies Jerry Siegel variant by Dynamic Forces was even a thing. It is just awesome. Find a raw copy and get it red labeled. This is not all that cheap but it takes money to make money $200 and up
20. Superman Man of Steel #1 So Much Fun Variant – I remember finding the So Much Fun packs in five and dime stores back in the day. I should write a book about my mis-spent youth chasing comics and girls and eating junk food. If you think that idea sounds #awesomesauce please leave a comment in the comments. But this So Much Fun edition is a rare second print of a great Superman story. With Superman on Supergirl, a Man of Steel sequel in the works and the JLA movie  coming, this book can see an increase $15-30
Well, once again, thanks for reading. Thanks for the support, encouragement, and advice. Now as I fade away I find myself obsolete
blind adam out

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  1. Hey there, Adam! I am interested as well. How much will one of those set one back? Also, what condition are the books in? Let me know. Rob H

  2. …also, I remember getting that issue of Cracked off the newstand as a kid! Always looked forward to getting some Cracked.

      1. Same here! I grew up in a mountain community in NJ. My friend and I would ride our bikes miles once or twice each month (except winter) to the general store to get either Mad or Cracked. This was before I collected comics.Enjoyed them both. Still have a lot of them but they are all pretty well enjoyed and beat up.

  3. Always enjoy these. Thanks. A note about Spider-Man and Zoids — they weren’t all reprint. Some of them even have early Grant Morrison work in them. Cheap pickups!

  4. once again if anyone is interested int he marvel tales #137 . please email please let me know by Monday October 31st by 12;00p.m. as that is the cut off date and time . thank you to everyone for the interest and inquires . also from the bottom of my heart. thank you. thank you for reading this each and every week. thank you for listening to my podcast . thank you for any help at a convention and for inquiring about my first autograph opp. I love you guys . and I am very,very blessed and privallaged to have you all in my life . have a great sunday blind adam out

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