Variant Spotlight: Death of X “Classic Variants”

Here is a cool one out this week, just misses Halloween, but right for the season. Death of X #3.

Death of X #3 features a skull face homage to Marvel Graphic Novel #4 which features the first appearance of The New Mutants. The spot on re-interpretation of the first New Mutants appearance reminds me of the Zombie Variants Marvel did in the past but a little better.


Death of X #2 also had a “Classic Variant” cover which was an homage to Uncanny X-Men #136, featuring the death of Phoenix.

Death of X #1 had a classic variant with an homage to X-Men #46.

These are all cover price variants and have throw backs to classic covers.



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5 Responses to Variant Spotlight: Death of X “Classic Variants”

  1. Cameron3 says:

    the walking dead comic 160 spoilers? ❤

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  3. Louie says:

    this is how out of the loop i am on Marvel stuff. are the x-men getting killed off?

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