Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 11/2/16

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 11/2/16:
It is a slow week this week, once in a while that is a good thing.  Some really good reads and regular pick ups, and a few worth looking at for spec purposes. We even have one to stay away from as people might be fooled into buying it for the name on the cover (read to the end.)
The One With the Walking and the Dead
Walking Dead #160 – another good chapter in the Whisper War saga. Lots of action in this issue. Do not forget the Connecting Cover Variant
Returning Favorites
Animosity #3– two covers this week of the hit Aftershock book.  Regular and a 1:10 variant. This book has been on fire lately and continues to roll along.
Deadly Class #23 – Rick Remender’s awesome story about the students at a school for assassins. The story takes place in the 1980’s and is just an incredible read. Not to mention the book has a media tie in.
Southern Bastards #15 – Two covers this month for the return of one of my favorite southern fried crime drama’s, one by Jason Latour and one by Becky Cloonan.
Thin #3 – Jon Clark’s twisted weight loss horror story comes to it’s conclusion. Have been loving this book.
Cerebus in Hell #1– Cerebus returns and returns to Image. It is wrapped in an EC Comics homage cover. Cool to see Cerebus back in print.
The New Image #1 
Mayday #1 – Cold war spy thriller from Alex De Campi of Grindhouse fame.
The Pick of the Week
Motor Girl #1 – Terry Moore, of Strangers In Paradise and Rachel Rising fame, releases his new book this week. These will be slow burn books. His comics have very low print runs, awesome art, and great story’s. He has a cult following (and is a really nice guy.) This one is a grower and not a shower, so it will sit in your collection for a while. Hope you ordered one of the signed copies we linked to the other day. The book is selling out online.
The One To Be Leary Of
Mulligan #1– The title of the book says “Presented by George C. Romero.” I am a huge horror fan so I normally would pick up anything with George Romero’s name on it. However, do not be grabbing this one because of the name on the cover. George Andrew Romero is the father of the Zombie Movies full name. This is George Cameron Romero, the former’s son. I want to make sure people pick up the book because they are interested, not because of name confusion.

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  1. I have got two Animosity #3b’s coming may way, hopefully I can get one more tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up on that Mulligan comic I was going to check it out but not now.

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