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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 108th edition of the open forum!

How about that Walking Dead Season Premiere last week and the introduction of Ezekiel this week?

“Don’t mess with my Wednesdays”.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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71 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. Alana says:

    This weeks pickups…….

    Werewolf By Night #32 1st Moon Knight
    Venom # 2 Frankie’s Dell Otto 3 cover set x2
    Foolkiller #1
    Unworthy Thor #1

  2. Mel V says:

    Superman 10

  3. Lonzilla says:

    Good hunting the last few days:
    Evil Ernie 1-4 1st Lady Death appearances at a thrift store for $2 ea.
    1st app Squirrel Girl
    1st app Mr Sinister
    Creepshow 1st printing
    Hacktivist #1 Comicspro
    Batman Adventures Vol 2 #3
    Picking up Walking Dead, Nailbiter, Foolkiller in the morning

  4. agentpoyo says:

    Anyone else order and get their Slott signed Clone Conspiracy #1 from Midtown and not pleased with the signature on the damn barcode?

    • Shines says:

      Got mine, the signature looked ok to me. Didn’t mind it was over the barcode, the cover art was pretty dark.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Thus why one should use a gold or silver pen over the dark cover, would look way better. Over the barcode is just a no no to me. Reminds me of the old comics when stores would scribble over the barcode so the check out people won’t use it cause they’re charging a different price.

      • Brennan says:

        I always bring a black, silver and gold sharpie with me to signings and conventions. I buy them new the day before. This was I am guaranteed that my sig will be visible and quality. I let the person signing choose which sharpie they prefer. I’ve got a Fred Kennedy (Fearless Fred) (Fourth Planet, Teuton) signed Pitiful Human Lizard (he guest wrote the issue) where he comments on how nice my sharpie is (he ALWAYS personalizes his sigs)

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, if I was at the signing at Midtown, I wouldn’t have allowed the signature in black over the damn barcode.

  5. Tom Bator says:

    Crazy good comic book week! Snagged the Venom #2 Dell Otto variant after already getting the #1. Found a Darth Vader #3 regular cover and LaRocca variant in a back bin for cover price along with a Wolverine #1 in nm condition in a $1 bin right next to a Wolverine Origin Dell Otto variant…can’t complain.

  6. Brian Lake says:

    picked up the Dell Otto Venom 2 3 book set
    Uncanny Men 450
    THE JLA /Suicide Squad Mattina Set
    The JLA/Suicide Squad Bulletproof Limited Set from Dell Otto

    all these and it isn’t even Wednesday yet, and locally we have a 2 day show with Alan Davis this weekend

  7. Comic Dork says:

    Dell’Otto #2 3 cover set, Reborn #1 1:25, 2 copies of the Mexican Harley Quinn #1 sealed.

  8. A. King says:

    I didn’t look at the WD spoilers yet……..but I probably will before I go to sleep. I think tomorrow might be a small one for me, but I won’t know until I get there.

  9. Corey Alban says:

    Just both covers of walking dead 160 for me.
    Did manage to get a signed motor girl #1 and my signed copy of reborn #1 showed up in the mail today.

  10. Alana says:

    Wow Johnny Blaze Ghostrider showed up on Agents of shield tonight, in Robbie’s origin.👯

  11. PETER CLIMIE says:

    Avengers 1 Maleev variant – looks great in the flesh.
    Motor Girl #1
    Walking Dead #160 (variant) (I now have 95 through to 160 to read sometime soon)
    Batman 10 (Sale variant)
    Eclipse 3
    Animosity 3
    Spidey #12 (is this the last issue??)
    Thor #1
    finally dropped Unfollow
    and was gonna get Mayday, but had a flick and didn’t look for me.

  12. Jesus says:

    Just 1 book for me this week. Walking Dead 160 both covers.

  13. Jesus says:

    Ok I lied. I have 2 books. Harley Quinn is the other one. But it’s for the wife so does that count as mine? LOL

  14. agentpoyo says:

    My local shop had no Animosity #3… 😦

  15. Shines says:

    More Walmart comic packs…aside from the DC Rebirth #1 variant packs, they now have $5 Marvel packs , with Champions #1, Great Lakes Avengers #1, Clone Conspiracy #1, and the current issues of Gwenpool & Dr. Strange. Plus two “mystery comics ” you can’t see shrinkwrapped in. I would assume these are first prints, but how they affect print runs for these issues I can’t say. I don’t think these are through Diamond. They come with the basebalk cards etc. and are distributed by Beckett (yes. the price guide folks).

  16. Batman #10
    Eclipse #3
    Eden’s Fall #3
    Nailbiter #26
    Unfollow #13 I’m probably cutting this after today.

    Anyone know what happened to the new Tales from the Crypt comic? I think that was supposed to come out this week and it seems to have disappeared. Delayed? Canceled?

  17. schweizerdavid says:

    Picking up this week:
    Cerebus in Hell? #0
    Motor Girl 1 (also ordered a signed copy from Terry Moore’s new website)
    Giant Days 20
    CBLDF Annual (Brandon Graham cover)
    Prophet Earth War 6 (Brandon Graham)
    Southern Bastards 15
    Moon Knight 8 (James Stokoe art)

    In the mail:
    I picked up a Simon Bisley Lobo original art sketch verified by CGC. I’ve been wanting to get my Lobo 1 pressed and slabbed solely for the cover art, but this is a step better. I just wish CGC slabbed it in something better than what looks like a soft baseball card page sleeve complete with 3-hole punch holes.

  18. degreesofseparation1968 says:

    Just had email from Frankie’s comics saying that the Animosity #3 Strahm cover won’t be with me for a “few weeks” despite supposedly being released last Wednesday. Not a happy bunny…

    Just Walking Dead #160, both covers for me this week.

  19. Brennan says:

    This week my pickups are:
    Mercs for $
    Death of X
    Gren Lanterns
    Justice League
    Midbnighter and Apollo
    Walking Dead – Both

  20. agentpoyo says:

    Despite not getting Animosity #3 today, I was able to snag Unworthy Thor Hitch and Cassaday variants at cover price. So it wasn’t a total loss today on pickups.

  21. jclu007 says:

    This week I picked up:
    TWD, both covers x2
    Faith #5, Hillary cover
    Animosity #3 x3
    Animosity #2 x2 2nd print
    Motor Girl x2
    Seven to Eternity #2 x2
    Batman 21 variant, $15
    Lois and Clark #1 x5, $1 each

  22. Mark says:

    Found the Silk and the Scarlet Witch Cosplay Variants today at cover, also got the Spider Woman 13 Francavelli Variant for 6.50–gonna flip all those tonight.

    Also got WD 160, Mighty Thor, and the Cho variant of Occupy Avengers–Cho is by far my favorite cover artist right now…

  23. A. King says:

    Small day for me only got to go to one store today. Picked up in store……
    Uncanny X Men #460
    Superman #10 a
    Southern Bastards cover b

    This store had a Dollface Baltimore ,but they wanted $50 so I passed. Hopefully I can get to a couple more stores tomorrow, if not that’s ok because I’m going to NYC for a quick trip this weekend(what’s up Mel V.), and I plan on going to the closest Midtown I can find . I see Black #2 is supposed to be released next week, does Blackmask finally have their stuff together?

  24. J. Coleman says:


    Walking Dead 160 var
    Revival 44
    Batman 10 var
    Harley Quinn 7 var
    & a crapload of Halloween Comicfest


    Action Comics Vol 2 #964 Cover B Variant Gary Frank Cover
    Aliens Defiance #5
    Bloodshot Reborn #17 Cover C Variant Timothy Green II Cover
    Captain America Sam Wilson #13 Cover B Variant Jim Steranko Captain America Black & White Cover (Civil War II Tie-In)
    Captain America Steve Rogers #5 Cover A Regular Paul Renaud Cover (Civil War II Tie-In)
    Deadly Class #22 Cover B Variant Wesley Craig Cover
    Deadpool Vol 5 #19 Cover A Regular Scott Koblish Cover
    Deadpool Vol 5 Annual #1 Cover C Variant Skottie Young Baby Cover
    Deathstroke Vol 4 #3 Cover B Variant Shane Davis Cover
    Descender #15
    Detective Comics Vol 2 #941 Cover B Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover (Night Of The Monster Men Part 3)
    Doctor Strange Vol 4 Annual #1 Cover B Variant Ron Lim Cover Is it the 90’s again?
    Edens Fall #2 Cover B Linda Sejic
    Flash Vol 5 #7 Cover A Regular Carmine Di Giandomenico Cover
    Frostbite #1
    Generation Zero #2 Cover A Regular Stephen Mooney Cover
    Hard Case Crime Triggerman #2 Cover A Regular Alex Ronald Cover NEXT WEEK
    Harley Quinn And Her Gang Of Harleys #6 Cover A Regular Amanda Conner Cover
    HCF 2016 Zombie Tramp vs The Doll-Faced Witch Hunter #1
    Hellblazer Vol 2 #2 Cover B Variant John Cassaday Cover
    Hunt #3
    Josie And The Pussycats Vol 2 #1 Cover E Variant Francesco Francavilla Cover
    Lake Of Fire #2 Cover B Yanick Paquette & Nathan Fairbairn
    Mummy #1 Cover E Variant Jeff Zornow Cover NEXT WEEK
    Nighthawk Vol 2 #5
    Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #21
    Paybacks Vol 2 #3
    Postal #15 Cover B Isaac Goodhart
    Queen Of Vampires #6
    Reincarnate #2
    Snotgirl #3 Cover B Bryan Lee O Malley & Jason Fischer
    Spider-Gwen Vol 2 #12
    Spider-Woman Vol 6 #11 (Civil War II Tie-In)
    Star Wars Vol 4 #23 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover
    Suicide Squad Vol 4 #3 Cover B Variant Lee Bermejo Cover
    Tales From The Darkside #4 Cover B Variant Charles Paul Wilson III Subscription Cover
    Titans Vol 3 #3 Cover B Variant Mike Choi Cover
    Totally Awesome Hulk #10 Cover A Regular Terry Dodson Cover (Civil War II Tie-In)
    Vampblade #8 Cover E Variant Hyde Chang Artist Cover
    Web Warriors #11 Cover B Variant Paolo Rivera Last Issue Cover
    Wonder Woman Vol 5 #7 Cover B Variant Cover
    X-Files Origins #2 Cover B Variant Cat Staggs Subscription Cover

    Yeah, loved that last episode of the Walking dead. Jerry’s the man.

  25. Louie says:

    Motor girl

    For the pop addiction – Stan lee la comic con exclusive metallic colossus and glow in the dark she hulk. Huge stack of them at hot topic

    • Anthony says:

      Yes. I picked up the two Pops as well. They are selling for $60 for the two of them and only cost me $30 for both so I couldn’t pass them up.

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  26. John W. says:

    My LCS pickups:
    Motor Girl #1
    Animosity #3 Cover A and Cover B Tony Harris Variant (I’ve really been enjoying this series so far, looking forward to reading this issue)
    Batman #10 Cover A
    Green Lanterns #10 Cover B Emanuela Lupacchino
    Harley Quinn #7 Cover B Bill Sienkiewicz
    Superman #10 Cover A (This cover is growing on me. Could end up being one of those iconic covers down the road)
    Nailbiter #26 (Such a great horror series. Would make a great TV show if it ever gets optioned, which I’m surprised hasn’t happened yet)
    Southern Bastards #15 Cover B
    The Walking Dead #160 Both Covers
    Avengers #1 Cover A and Alex Maleev Variant
    Unworthy Thor #1 John Cassaday Variant

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