Rob Liefeld’s Avengelyne optioned by paramount 

In proof that Hollywood will eventually option every comic property, Paramount has optioned Rob Liefeld’s Avengelyne. The movie was billed as “John Wick with a female angel.”

I believe that in the late 90’s / early 2000’s there were talks of a movie with Tia Carrere

This is a really cheap spec on a potential movie. The earliest appearance I could find, and please let me know if you know of another one, was the February 1995 Avengelyne Deadly Sins #1 (Mycomicshop has copies for under $2 and Amazon has them for $1). (Kyle has so “humbly” pointed out that the book was. It released until a year later and the indicta may be a misprint.) An ashcan for Avengelyne came out in May 1995 along with the chromium wrapped Avengelyne #1. Amazon has these for as low as 50 cents and the 1995 series Avengelyne/Gloria chromium #1 for 94 cents.

Deadline had the scoop:

Paramount has made a preemptive film rights deal for Avengelyne, with Akiva Goldsman producing with an eye toward directing a thriller revolving around a heroine hatched by Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld. Goldsman, who is currently overseeing the Hasbro movies for Paramount after overseeing the Transformers writer room for the studio, will head the search for a screenwriter to draft a movie that is being called John Wick with a fallen angel. Deal was mid against high six figures for the rights.

Avengelyne is an angel who fights the forces of evil and often finds herself face-to-face with demons and monsters. She was the most feared warrior in Heaven’s Warhost, having single-handedly broken into Pandemonium, the outer fortress of Hell, to confront the Devil himself. She is a fallen angel, banished from Heaven by God after being tricked into questioning his love for humans. Avengelyne was stripped of all her angelic abilities, other than her great strength and her blood, which, once extracted from her body, could be used as a weapon or a miracle once empowered by quoting verses from the Bible. Avengelyne uses her powers to fight demons on earth and is being groomed to be humankind’s last hope in a coming Armageddon. Liefeld several years ago said he would write the movie as a vehicle for fighter-turned-action star Gina Carano. At the time, he explained Avengelyne’s appeal: “Avengelyne resonated so powerfully with the audience because her story of redemption is one that is so relatable. A fallen angel, sentenced to redeem herself by serving humanity, Earth is a foreign environment to her, she must adapt in order to save herself as well as mankind. Her dilemma provides humor amidst the larger plot engine driving her journey. ” There is no actress in line for the role at the moment.


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23 Responses to Rob Liefeld’s Avengelyne optioned by paramount 

  1. Jesus says:

    This would be great for a tv series.

  2. Alana says:

    I thought the Chromium was first🙉

  3. Shines says:

    I guess the hardest part in getting this filmed will be in finding an actress with distorted body proportions, enlarged breasts, and no feet.

    • OCguy72 says:

      In Hollywood, that’s every other aspiring actress.

    • Anthony says:

      Lol. Like I said it is a stretch. But they turned a zenescope book into a successful tv show so you never know.

      • Nicholas Ball says:

        What tv show does zenescope have?

      • Anthony says:

        Zenescope has the Helsing TV show

      • I haven’t watched the show, but from what I’ve read online, it isn’t actually based on the Zenescope title; just that a member of their team is a creative consultant for the series. That is also probably why the character’s first appearance is still only selling for a buck or two on eBay. I really wanted to see Zenescope’s Wonderland TV series come to fruition. Hopefully someday it still will. They’ve currently got TV options for “The Library” and “Grimm Tales Of Terror”, but I’d really rather see “Wonderland” come to life.

  4. mycomicsweightaton says:

    will they show the actors feet?

  5. Arrowguy says:

    I have most of those comics and leafed through to see what I could find. It looks like AVENGELYNE (1st Series – 1995) #1 (Chromium Edition) came out in May 1995, as has already been mentioned, but it also has other copyrighted material inside the comic marked as 1995. AVENGELYNE: DEADLY SINS #1, on the other hand, is marked February 1995 in the boilerplate, but it looks like it may be a copy-paste typo (issue #2 has this as well), since they both have other copyrights marked “1996” elsewhere in the comic and back cover, as well as interior art signed “’96.” Weird, right? Also, on the back page of the Chromium edition of AVENGELYNE #1 (May 1995), there is a letter page from Rob Liefeld and Cathy Christian saying thanks for picking up the introduction to their “new project” Avengelyne and they both talk about that comic as her introduction to the world. So I’m guessing that Deadly Sins issues #1 and #2 (with 1996 copyrights inside the comics) are just typos. Ah, how a typo can affect the market…

  6. J.Marti says:

    I do remember buying the chromium cover at Reality Recess in 1995.One thing I know is that the print run was massive.Also the premise back in 1995 was to print the book in anticipation of a movie featuring the model Cathy.I would like to see Cathy in the Avengelyne costume now 21 years later.I also believe she would own a substantial stake in the Avengelyne property if a movie or show were to actually be developed.I did follow the first 8 to 12 books as I liked Stinsman’s pencils and the photo covers.

  7. i can help find a girl with hudge,hudge breasts. it’s what I do. testify . not sure about little feet . however I can find a little person with hudge,hudge ,super hudge breasts and little feet. and stop the rob liefeild hudge ,hudge breasts little feet player hate . rob liefield is a legend and a peech . I guess the ashcan is a good book to sang as well as the photo covers . blind adam out

    • OCguy72 says:

      I remember Liefeld before he hit it big. He worked at one of the local comic shops I used to go to. Was a nice “older” kid that helped us younger collectors out when we asked him about stuff!

  8. TopherS says:

    The chromium book is the first but the only one worth the pec is the DF edition.

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