Mighty Morphin Power Rangers To Introduce New Character In Issue #9?

A Diamond Comics memo has gone out to retailers from Boom Studios mentioning that retailers might want to bump up orders on Power Rangers #9 because the issue will introduce an “Important, all new addition to the Power Ranger Mythos” and it will get “significant press”. 

Check out the image below:

The issue will have a Regular Cover and a 1:25 variant. So new ranger? Someone coming up in the movie? New baddie? 

16 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers To Introduce New Character In Issue #9?”

      1. It’s a shame that this has become a go-to punchline in the comic book community; and it’s true that the publishers & media always force a bunch of hype upon a character for it (sometimes before they’ve even debuted), but it’s also stirring a lot of hate speech & dismissive attitude because of it. When I started working on an LGBT-centric comic book series in 2003, those types of characters were practically non-existant in mainstream comics. Now when people see my book, “Subject To Change”, they assume I’m following a trend and pandering to the LGBT community, etc; when in fact mine started well beforehand. I’d say the idea of popularizing LGBT characters as a Sales Gimmick will die down at some point, but decades later we still have the sales gimmick of Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!, so who knows.

        1. Let me preface the comment by saying that no offense was obviously intended by my reaction to or the original commenter’s comment. However, you are 100% correct, it has become a trope in comics to add a character or change a character to a LGBT character for sales purposes. It is the”look what I can do” thing that they are trying to be so cutting edge. Now do not get me wrong, there is absolutely a place in comics for characters who are LGBT, however, introducing them into an existing story (Bobby Drake for instance who just happened to forget he was gay all his life) for sake of having a character does not help with tolerance, it hurts it, I believe. Also, yes boobs do help sales! lol.

      2. Yeah, I know. I was just commenting on the industry in general, and how this trend has impacted fan reactions & commentary. I rarely see any hate here on CHU (if ever). And Boobs do sell. I use that gimmick myself, lol.
        And while I am able to accept Bobby Drake as a gay man (I’d write an essay with My Reasoning if I had the time); I wouldn’t say the same for Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, etc; who’ve all had long-time love interests and could never be rationalized as a closet case scenario. But I’m also not telling anybody they’re wrong if they think otherwise. The primary aspect that doesn’t fit the current situation isn’t the short-lived female love interests Bobby has had, or what he’s said in the past; it’s that we’re privy to his Thoughts & Narrative and never saw any mention of this. But that is the way comic books operate when it comes to plot twists; some of that has to be overlooked. And really, until the CCA was dropped in 2001, you rarely saw any indication that any mainstream characters was gay, even if the writers would have had such intentions for them, so those types of Thought Balloons wouldn’t be happening. So it will always be hard to buy a plot twist that a long-time character was “always” gay. I do think they would have had a better case for Bobby if he were bisexual, and wonder if more people would have accepted it that way.

    1. When you look at “pop culture” these days that is pretty much the only thing that will generate “significant” press. The Power Rangers were already a pretty diverse group of kids…. so really what else could it be?

  1. All I read is.. buy more of our product, we want your money! We’re gonna artificially hype up our book and new character so everyone can meet our artificial demand for the book. 🙂

      1. Nowadays, pretty much.
        I’m all for new characters but when the marketing teams do things like this, all they do is ruin the surprise, create hype and then it ends up becoming a huge let down.
        I stopped buying MMPR though, I can find most of these issues in my 50 cent bin at the local shops from over ordering and no demand. I know they got their fan base but it’s small.. I think MMPR fans are in denial of how popular this series is here in the U.S.

          1. And you’re an exceptional nerd… and watch it due to the pink ranger. Admit it, that’s why most men over the age of 18 watch it, not because it’s the power rangers but because of the ping ranger. 😛

  2. I’m guessing it’s the “Black Dragon” character; probably something tied into the origins of the Dragon Zord. With all of the characters wearing Green Ranger outfits, it definitely looks like another story centered on the Green Ranger.

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