Animosity #1 Going to Fifth Printing

Here is an interesting one. Back in early October, I stopped by the Aftershock booth at NYCC. They had copies of Animosity #1 4th Printing on the table. The thing is, Diamond never released these to stores, and the convention was essentially the only place to get them. I talked to Joe Pruett who said he had no idea why Diamond never listed them but they had them ready to go. Now it has been announced that Animosity #1 was getting a fifth printing, with a new cover. 

The other thing that Joe Pruett mentioned was Animosity #1 4th Printing had one of the lowest print run of all the regular covers. These might be worth looking at.

Bleeding Cool ran a story the other night that covered some of this:

Animosity, the smash hit from AfterShock, has seen its first issue go through four printings.

Except, for some reason, the remains of the solicited fourth print through Diamond Comic Distributors is no longer the fourth print. It is now the fifth print.

Looks like whatever was printed up for the fourth print sold out faster than was considered possible and rather than go through the whole rigmarole again, Diamond are filling fourth print orders with the fifth print, though making it returnable in case anyone actually cares.

The fifth printing of the comic by Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de Latorre now has this (unfinished) cover by Hoyt Silva.

The Fifth Printing, with the new cover, is up for pre-order now





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14 Responses to Animosity #1 Going to Fifth Printing

  1. Ray says:

    That is not entirely true. I ordered 15 copies of Animosity 1 fourth print and received third prints. I had to contact Diamond and tell them I wanted the fourth prints and they filled the order the next week.

  2. Vann says:

    Yup….have 3 very nice copies of the fourth print….all bought from the LCS……

  3. agentpoyo says:

    I never saw the 2nd and 3rd prints in my local shops.. 😦

  4. A. King says:

    I never saw any of the 4th prints in stores either, I managed to get some. Just preordered some of the 5th prints. I am also trying to get a complete run… far so good.

  5. jclu007 says:

    I had my LCS order me some 4th prints about a month ago, and they arrived last week. I didn’t see any on the shelves though.

  6. Ryan P says:

    Same as my LCS. Ordering list said 4th prints were being sent but 3rd prints showed up.

  7. I’ve noticed lately that DCBS will list later printings of books for sale for a few days, pull them down, and then months go by that they are not shipped to you. Their system doesn’t automatically realize this, so you have to email them about Unshipped Items from your account, and then they credit the funds back to you because they were Over-Sold. This has happened with about 80% of the 2nd to 6th printings I have ordered from them. Some of those situations are like this one, where the micro-printing doesn’t amount to anyone getting copies; but other times I think they take on more orders than they have copies coming for, and don’t bother to clean-up on their own to give out refunds.

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