Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 33

Greetings my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you for the love, support, encouragement, advice, and for listening to my podcast. Now lets make some money on some comics cause you can’t teach that

1. Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson #133 – this book has a lot going for it. First Jack Kirby work at DC. First Guardian in bronze age. First Cadmis and Cadmis is the big bad in my new favorite show, Supergirl
2. Superman Annual #2 1986 series – First Post-Crisis Cadmis
3. Countdown to Final Crisis #33 – Cadmis approaches Jimmy Olson about Jimmy’s super-powers. I can see the Supergirl show using the Jimmy having powers angle. All Countdown to Final Crisis issues are in dollar boxes with only a few exceptions
4. New Teen Titans Annual #2 – Vigilante, aka Adrian Chase’s, first appearance. Chase is the DA on Arrow. Vigilante’s costume is pretty spot on for the Marv Wolfman and George Perez created character
5. Amazing Spiderman #9 (2014 series) – why is the second appearance of Spider-Gwen so damn cheap?? it is freaking
Spider-Gwen the cosplay queen people, respect her second appearance $5-10
6. Marvel Tales #209 – Reprints Amazing Spiderman #129 (not the first time). Has a great new Punisher cover (at that time) by Mike Zeck. With Punisher coming to Netflix this is a great cheap pick up.
7. Superboy #57 – this is my last Cadmis pick, promise, this is the first new management team for Cadmis $2-5
8. Detective Comics #411 – Talia Al Ghul is coming to Arrow. Not Talia’s first ob screen (big or small) but good to see Ras Al Ghul’s daughter getting some love.
9. Young Justice The Secret – that season three trailer got me jacked for the new animated season three. Years in the making, this is the teams first appearance $10-25
10. Young Justice #25 – final issue of the kids Young Justice comic. This is not an easy find in the wild $10 happy hunting
11. Captain America and the Falcon #222 – no real spec vaule. Just a cool PC piece and this is the last issue to feature the Captain America and the Falcon cover logo on it. End of the team’s great run in comics. $5 and up
12. Captain America and the Falcon #14 (2003 series) – I am digging Sam Wilson as Captain America. I can’t wait for it to happen in the movies. This is the final issue in this series $3-5
13. Firestorm vol. 2 #58 – Parasite on Supergirl is pretty bad ass. Sure he is different looking than what we are used to but displays the same old energy draining powers, and nasty pink skin.
14. Batman and Robin #19 new 52 1st print – why did dc bring Carrie Kelly into DCU proper just to do nothing with her? This issue is historic and cheap $3-6
15. Batman and Robin #19 Second Print – rare second print. See last gem for reasons $5-17
16. Star-Spangled Comics #7 – One can dream can’t they. This is a big boy issue that features the first Guardian who has been rocking out on Super-Girl.
17. Invasion #1,2,3 – Besides having cool Todd McFarlane art, Invasion is the story being adapted in the CW’s DCU TV crossover. Cheap books long overlooked.
18. Adventure Comics #361 – Speaking of Invasion, here is a cool silver age book that features the first appearance of the Alien Race that causes Invasion, the Dominators.
19. Amazing Spiderman Annual #25 – this is the first solo Venom story. Compared to other Venom keys it is quite undervalued $5-10
20. Spider-Man #1 Blue Lizard Error Variant – this is a rare piece. Not an easy find one in the wild. Not even sure of how many are out there. Search eBay, but this error has the Lizard for three pages colored blue instead of green $150-300
once again thank you guys for everything so now that I fade away I
find myself obsolete
blind adam out

11 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 33”

  1. Awesome list as usual! For Adrian Chase, isn’t his first appearance in New Teen Titans #23, with his first costumed appearance as Vigilante in New Teen Titans annual #2? New Teen titans #23 is also Blackfire’s first appearance (Starfire’s sister). cheap right now.

  2. If you are looking for first Sam Wilson as Cap try Sentinel of Liberty 8,9. Good list. I would go with the mewsstands of Invasion only.

  3. Jimmy Olsen isn’t Kirby’s first work for DC. First bronze work, maybe. Cadmus isn’t spelled Cadmis (I know, you’re blind; I’m trying to help!).

  4. Ba is trying to spread enthusiasm for comics and teach you guys some future keys and all you guys do is nit pick his spelling and etc., if you that versed in comics make your own website.

    1. I don’t think anyone is trying patronize Adam…. I think some are just sticklers for spelling and for some to get the proper spelling for those who may try to search for the character online. I do want to let it be known that I enjoy and have enjoyed Blind Adam’s weekly articles for quite a while now and have added more than a few of his suggestions to my personal collection along they way because of it! Also, for those who don’t know, Blind Adam has a youtube channel. Check it out! I’ve enjoyed those as well!

  5. Question raised about why second appearances tend to be cheap. Usually, prices don’t rise much until after price of debut becomes unaffordable. For examples, deadpool and x23. After I told Overstreet about first vigilante in NTT annual #2, future guides published the information.

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