Free Comic Wednesday: Avengers #1 J Scott Campbell Variant Set

Hey free comic fans. Here is one you will want to win. up for grabs tonight is a set of Avengers #1 J Scott Campbell Variants plus a bonus print. The contest is sponsored by ComicXposure.

So up for grabs tonight is a set of Avengers #1 JSC Variants plus a print.

Sorry for the dim pictures.


Thanks again toย ComicXposureย for sponsoring Free Comic Wednesday.

Rules are same as always:

  1. No purchase necessary. (But check out the sponsors sites, they have some sweet Venom Variants up for pre-order.)
  2. Winner drawn at random and will be announced on the site
  3. Enter your name below in the comment section.
  4. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing.
  5. Winners in the US get free shipping, people out of the US agree to chip in for shipping (I am not made of money.)

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196 Responses to Free Comic Wednesday: Avengers #1 J Scott Campbell Variant Set

  1. BigDip says:

    Richard DiPirro

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    Matt Buchholz

  3. koopavelli says:

    William Bazrouk

  4. Joe Gualtieri says:

    Joe Gualtieri

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    Julie Gunderson

  6. mistorroboto says:

    Robert P

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    David Sierra

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    Paz N.

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    Roberto Torres

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    Frank Witt

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    ryan sandor

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    Ryan Marron

  13. Walter says:

    Walter Miller

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    Eric Miller

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    Matthew Seal

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    John F.

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    Tyler Schuber

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    Anthony M

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    Sean horty

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    m mcguire

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    Chris Bennett

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    David Mc Barron

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    Bob seifert

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    kirk vasilyev

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    Tim Perry

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    Matt Burton

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    Chris L

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    Jesse Garrett

  29. Brett Quigley says:

    Brett Quigley

  30. chfrontst says:

    Christopher Hellyer

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    Dean Blumberg

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    Audri V

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    Mark C

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    Eric Hann

  35. Mark Weinstock says:

    Mark Weinstock

  36. JT says:

    JT Rodgers

  37. avidgrim says:

    Dave Grimm

  38. Glenn Kempen says:

    I wanna win ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  39. David fraser says:

    David Fraser

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