New Comic Releases Video for 11/23/16

Terry Hoknes from usually releases a New Comic Spotlight video each week. This week, Terry did something different. He got in touch with me on Skype to talk about some of the new releases. Here are the new comics we discussed that are released 11/23/16:


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8 Responses to New Comic Releases Video for 11/23/16

  1. john dye says:

    Loved the video. You guys should team up more often. Very informative video. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dewayne says:

    Like the team up. Excellent.

  3. Steven says:

    Like the format – thumbs up!

  4. Rick Foster says:

    Love this and the thumbs up and downs.

    • Anthony says:

      Thanks Rick. It was a mostly thumbs down week as it was a fairly light week. Of course we are not giving thumbs down for content it’s for the spec purposes alone.

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  5. Ric Lancaster says:

    Really enjoyed this, please make this a regular thing, its a 2 in 1 goody-bag for all of us !

  6. J Navarro says:

    This has helped me be a better informed investor. Please do this weekly. Thanks!

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