Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 11/30/16

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 11/30/16:
Man, this year has gone by quickly. Really, really, quickly. We have some great stuff coming up, and this week breaks the streak for small weeks for me. Here is what I am looking at.
Returning Favorites

Deadly Class #24 – Rick Remender’s tribute to punk rock, assassins, and adolescent uneasiness. Awesome read. Option for media property. Win Win.

Image Plus #8 – Negan’s origin continues. This is a great quick read plus previews other comics.

Seven To Eternity #3 – Book keeps selling out and going back for reprints. Bet this one sells out too. First issue going for over $20

Spookhouse #2 – Eric Powell’s goofy horror anthology. It works. Quirky and fun.

Hillbilly #6 – Eric Powell returns with the story of the boy with no eyes who grows up to be the witch ass kicking, well, with hunter.
New #1’s

Kodoja 2 #1 – Loved the 215Ink first mini series about a man made giant kaiju. The story returns!

MASK Mobile Army Strike Command #1 – The 80’s child in me is so excited. I loved the toys as a kid. Totally different size than GI Joe and Star Wars. Anyway, Paul Pope has a variant that I want but not sure if I will be able to find it. None on eBay right now and everyone is sold out.

Planet of the Daemons #1 – New series from Amigo, but not written by El Torres. Good looking premise and art.

In the occult realm of the Qliphoth, the puritan magistrate Amos Deathridge serves as jailer of the daemons who cast a sinister influence over Earth. Arriving on the world of Sathariel in search of a spirit of war, Amos learns of the hatching of an all-powerful Succubus Queen.

Small Press Gem

Fish Eye #1 – New Scout comic. Horror over tones with a blend of police drama and reality TV.

Travis is a cop. And a family man. And he’s the star of a reality show that follows his police exploits in his small town. The only problem is that ratings are slipping. When a group of killers target Travis, the small town cop must go to war to protect himself and his family, while trying to figure out who’s really after him. After all, ratings are king, no matter who gets hurt – or killed.

No Angel #1 – Cool looking book mixing horror and biblical themes with the Black Mask feel. Check out the four page previews here – Page 1  Page 2  Page 3  Page 4
Small Press Pick of the Week

White #1 – Sharks are getting a lot of love. Three books, at least, with sharks as the villain. This one is done by fan favorite Dan Schaffer who did Dog Witch (think Tarot minus the nudity, I know why buy Tarot if there is no nudity). Man I love great white sharks. Dan’s graphic novel, the Scribbler is rare, valuable, and was turned into a movie (but a reprinted version can be found for $19 here.)

Eighteen-year-old small town girl Willa Harba starts a new job as a producer’s assistant at an LA film studio. It doesn’t take her long to discover the ruthless and brutal nature of the Hollywood apex predator. On the way to an oversea location, the studio’s private jet goes down in the Pacific. Willa is now faced with a purer kind of predator after surviving the crash. Two thousand miles from land, five hours from rescue, six inches from shark-infested waters.

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5 thoughts on “Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 11/30/16”

  1. I see Hillbilly #6 listed as being released this week but still have yet to see 4 and 5 shipped out . Any news on this story? I am really enjoying it but am hating having to wait so long.

  2. I pre-ordered No Angel#1, after learning it is co-written by Adrienne Palicki (sp?), who played Mockingbird on Agents of SHIELD. Now that I’ve seen her kick butt on that show, I need to stream the Wonder Woman pilot episode again; it is probably even funnier now than it was before, lol. *So Glad* they pulled the plug on that show! I am hoping ABC releases the pilot for “Marvel’s Most Wanted”, to see what they were going to do with Mockingbird & Hunter after they were written out of AOS.

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