Mel V’s Variant Picks for 12/7/16

What a week last week was… Thunderbolts 7 and Savage #1. The Thunderbolts is the real deal. The Savage has rumors of being shilled, but time will tell on that one because the stores should be receiving them this week. This week is super light however the three listed have amazing cover art.
So, lets get into the get into…

Nova Vol 7 #1 Cover D Variant ICX Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In) – I love cover swipes of Xmen 141

Nova Vol 7 #1 Cover D Variant ICX Cover – Mattina on a 1:50 of this highly anticipated Marvel title. Only one on the bay so far . Keep ya eyes on this one

Wonder Woman 77 Meets The Bionic Woman #1 Cover F Incentive Alex Ross Virgin Cover – Alex Ross woot woot …Not really doing much on ebay as of yet, this one would be for the PC


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8 Responses to Mel V’s Variant Picks for 12/7/16

  1. Elvi says:

    What do you mean “but time will tell on that one because the stores should be receiving them this week?” That shipments were delayed a week? Or that reorders are coming in this week?

  2. Mel V says:

    Stores should receive this week from what I was told

  3. loganfield says:

    No Aphra #1, 1 per store?

    • agentpoyo says:

      It’s not really that special. It’s the BW version of the regular cover. To me, it’s the really cheap way for stores to make a ton of cash off people.

      I think the best cover is the Droids cover out of Aphra.. I love those two droids more than I love Aphra.

      • Elvi says:

        The droids are awesome. I really wanted to pick that cover up, but the spines on all the copies were just too beat up. If I’m going to pay $5 for a comic, I expect it to be in (near) perfect condition.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, the two copies my shop got were not the greatest but I did manage the pick up one with the last amount of spine damage. It seemed all the Aphra’s they had on hand got handled by Ace Ventura…

      • Definitely agree with the Droids – they are superstars

  4. I think the Valiant cat cosplay variants are going to be big. Faith and A&A out today- how can anyone resist this?

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