Wild Speculation: Does Rick Die at the end of Whisperer War

Robert Kirkman has long said that no character is safe in The Walking Dead. However, Rick has pretty much been been untouched (well minus the hand, and the knee, well and the wife and daughter being lost too, but I digress.) But has his time come and the role of leadership pass on as a result of Rick Grimes death?

This is a simple one. Here is the cover of Walking Dead #127:

In the foreground we see walker hands reaching up. In the back ground we have the muted tan/brown color. In the center are our survivors sitting on a shipping crate looking over.

On the cover of Walking Dead #163 we have walker hands reaching up, as well as, Rick’s prosthetic hand. The back ground color is very similar, and the only thing missing between the two covers is the middle with people looking over. It is not uncommon for unfinished art to be released through Diamond. So, is something missing from the released (possibly unfinished) cover art for Walking Dead #163? My guess is this could be incomplete art. It does seem incomplete, right?

If something is missing in the middle, and we see Rick’s prosthetic sticking up from the middle of walker crowd, does this mean Rick’s time could possibly come to an end?

In Walking Dead #161, out 12/7/16. we see Rick distrust the Saviors.

and also we see on the last page another reference to “I Believe in Rick Grimes“. Could this be an omen?

Just seems like it is all leading up to something. 

Chime in below and let us know what you think. For a quarter, Walking Dead #163 might be a really good pick up, especially if Rick dies at the end of Whisper War in Walking Dead #162


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19 Responses to Wild Speculation: Does Rick Die at the end of Whisperer War

  1. Brian Springman says:

    I’ll be picking it up regardless, but at 25 cents a copy (13 cents a copy for a retailer), I’m sure it will have a HUGE print run.

    But I do like your thinking on this. It IS possible. I’ve always felt this war would end with something big.

    • Anthony says:

      I feel something big is coming and he set on the two issues are very similar which leads me to believe this is not final art. What is missing. Who is mourning?

  2. Jason says:

    I am willing to bet it is Negan on top. No mourning, but new direction

  3. Jorge Navarro says:

    I am buying up just to get the bags and boards…= )

  4. Chris Meade says:

    There is 2 issues that month. Looks like Alexandria will be overrun with zombies, sooo where would rick be?

    “A Fallen House”
    Maggie leads the survivors from the Hilltop to Alexandria… to see it overrun with the dead.
    Also, holy crap! There are two issues of THE WALKING DEAD this month!

  5. agentpoyo says:

    This is in the Introduction of the First TPB “Days Gone By” that Kirkman introduces the Walking Dead readers to (I’m not typing the entire Intro but will focus on the bits I think matter):

    “With THE WALKING DEAD I want to explore how people deal with extreme situations and how these events CHANGE them. I’m in this for the long haul. You guys are going to get to see Rick change and mature to the point that when you look back on this book you won’t even recognize him. I hope you guys are looking forward to a sprawling epic, because that’s the idea behind this one.

    Everything in this book is an attempt at showing the natural progression of events that I think would occur in these situations. This is a very character driven endeavor. How these characters get there is much more important than them getting there…… (skip some sentences)

    This book is more about watching Rick survive than it is about watching zombies pop around the corner and scare you.”

    Skip some more paragraphs and Kirkman dives into this to end the introduction:

    “The idea behind THE WALKING DEAD is to stay with the character, in this case, Rick Grimes for as long as is humanly possible. I want The Walking Dead to be the chronicle of Rick’s life. We will NEVER wonder what happens to Rick next, we will see it. The Walking Dead will be the zombie movie that never ends.”

    Rick isn’t going to die and if he does, story over, at least for me. This was the first thing I read when I read the Walking Dead, so I’m in it for the long haul as well. Killing Rick to me kills this story. Sure, kill him, spin off a new series that follows someone else but The Walking Dead is Rick Grimes. I think of it like the movie Truman, we are watching this man live in a chaotic zombie filled world, doing things he would never have dreamt of in a normal functioning society.

    This is why Rick is not going to die, yet.

  6. Paul Cooke says:

    Could it perhaps not just be a reflective comic book cover redux but also a Negan power play reworking of the TV episode where Negan throws the axe out of the transportation, into the mass of Zombies & tells Rick to retrieve it. The reworking here then being that indeed Negan is back on top, tears Rick’s prosthetic from his arm stump, throwing it out into the Zombie horde, and once again telling Rick to retrieve for him !?

    • Anthony says:

      Anything is possible and that is why I said it is wild speculation. If you read the end of this week’s issue, you will see Tara ready to take over once Rick wins, because he always wins. I honestly don’t think it is Negan who is going to be back stabby.

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      • agentpoyo says:

        I want Negan and Rick to become buds and they find a new Lucille to punish Tara with.. yeah.. that’s the route I’d go..

  7. Alana says:

    After last weeks episode in which Negan goes to Alexandria by himself hands his weapon to Carl and is surrounded by people that want to kill him and nothing happens, just one to many plot holes by the writers I can’t get past. They have really tanked the show for me this season TWD doesn’t even make my top 5 comic book tv shows anymore, it’s become something to watch after Westworld if nothing else is on.

    • Anthony says:

      West world is great

    • agentpoyo says:

      No, I like that about Negan, he and Rick are the only reason I’m watching still cause these shows focusing on one person or small group at different locations is what’s killing me currently. They need to split up the show in sections, cause this entire show at hilltop then entire show at the beach is killing the story line.. but I do know why they do this right? They’ve got a lot of actors now, most actors are paid per episode.. so if they do an entire episode of Negan and the next 3 episodes are focusing elsewhere without him in the show, to my knowledge he’s not getting paid for those episodes. Shows popular, Jeffrey Dean probably isn’t cheap either.. amongst some of the other actors now who are popular in and out of the show.

      But with Negan, he’s so psychotic and crazy but charming in that sick twisted way, with the amount of people who want to kill him but won’t, due to either being scared and or not knowing how many people who do follow him armed with guns will gun them down. The guy is so unpredictable.. the guy pretty much has given up and likely doesn’t care if he is killed, that’s what makes him so powerful to me. When you just don’t give a flying F%$% anymore, you scare people who are scared to die.. in a world filled with the dead already!

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