Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 36

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and awesomesauce families. I hope everyone has an #awesomesauce Thanksgiving and holiday season so far. I am back! Working on a “fund me”  I am still heart broken about being ripped off. But I have it in my mind I am going to work my butt off and start from scratch to become a great comic book dealer again . So if Thank you for everything, for all the friendship, support, encouragement and advice. Thanks for reading and listening each and every week. I am planning some really #awesomesauce things for 2017 and I can not wait to talk about them.
Supergirl is my show of the fall season. It has inproved by leaps and bounds. The Flash is king of superhero tv.  Just loving Gotham and the Mad Hatter. The last few Walking Dead’s have made me a fan and I am now stocking all the trades and singles .

Let’s not be player hater on Clone Conspiracy, Spiderman Clone Conspiracy #2 was a really fun read.  So was Reborn #2 and Superman #11.  Now, before the red bull wears off lets make some money on some comics cause you can’t teach that!

1. Bone 1/2 – Wow Bone is becoming a movie. Early issues are the way to go, and will cost you,  but this Wizard Magazine mail away comic from 1998 is a perfect cheap book to dig for at conventions $5-10

2. Legion of Super Heroes #290, 291, 292, 293, 294 – Darkseid is hot. I love this story, best Legion story ever made. I do belive this is undervalued and under the radar. Buy the sets and wait for the movie happy hunting. By the way, issue 293 has a Masters of the Universe preview in it too.

3. Dell Four Color #496 – this has no real spec value. but it might one day, if the reboot Green Hornet rumors are true. I have been trying to cheer myself up, so I had a Green Hornet binge. Bruce Lee as Kato is just awesome. Harvey comics did Green Hornet comics and adapted two of the radio shows from the 40’s in this comic. It is just really cool just find the grade you can afford and enjoy

4. Green Hornet #40 Volume 2 (Now Comics)  – hey a Now Comics final issue, popular dude like the Green Hornet, and it is dollar box cheap w.t.f.?

5. Wonder Woman #298 – I have watched the second trailer, five, maybe ten times now. Wonder Woman will be a great movie. So I started looking for undervalued WW comics to make the money on , well, #298 is a perfect storm as it is an early Frank Miller cover and can be found in many LCS’ $3-5

6. Wonder Woman #297 – Mike Kaluta did the cover for this. This era of Wonder Woman had many great artists doing single covers this is a cheap find $3-5

7. Green Hornet Racket Buster #47 – final issue of the original golden age Green Hornet series. Just buy the grade you can afford, this has no real spec vaule just thought it was cool

8. Witchblade #125 – Michael Turner, sexy woman, Witchblade, put them together and you smell money $10

9. Witchblade #150 D – this is Witchblade #150 cover by Michael Turner equals money $10 and up

10. Witchblade #135 cover C – a great J Scott Campbell Witchblade cover,  $10 and up

11. Batman Dark Victory #1 – I am really digging Mario Falcone on Gotham. This is his first appearance and this is a great sequel to a great story $5

12. Batman Dark Victory #0 Wizard Preview Comic – Sounds like Wizard is finally and completely swirling down the drain, but their comic legacy lives on.  Just so I can beat Topher to the punch for a change, this is a Wizard preview of the Dark Victory story so this might be the first Mario Falcone, if you side with previews being first appearances, which they are $5

13. Detective Comics #822 – In case you haven’t noticed, the Riddler is just amazing on Gotham. This is a cheap issue with two things going for it; a great Riddler reforms story, and it was written by Paul Dini who did a classic run on Detective Comics $5-10

14. Batman Gotham Knights #51, #52, #53 – sequel to Hush. Riddler story ties into The Killing Joke. Great story to hunt down, plus, the cover art on these are insanely good. Check them out. Shouldn’t cost you more than $10 for all three.

15. Batman #699 – just a great Riddler cover this is under ten dollars. I so want this book as the Riddler turns evil again

16. Amazing Spiderman volume 1 #144 – first appearance of the original Gwen Stacey clone. I am really loving Clone Conspiracy, not sure why just a fun read, plus I love Gwen. If I ever have a daughter will name her Gwen. This book is between $10-30 and should be on walls at stores and shows

17. WWF Battle Mania #1  Valiant Comics  – wow I researched this one. I wanted to learn the history of WWE in comics. Never realized that Valiant did this. They had decent stories for the time the Sgt. Slaughter vs Warrior one is decent. The posters are sweet, but something tells me they are tough in the wild happy hunting

18. Secret Wars Tower of Doom – ok not a comic book but a great classic action figure playset from the mid eighties . It goes for around $100 mint in box no real spec vaule but just plan #awesomesauce, and who doesn’t want to be the ruler of Latveria?

19. Superboy #89 – most people know about this one already, but my favorite part of Supergirl season two is Mon-el. Mon-el is the bomb.  I love the scenes with him and Eve Teschmacher making out. Now I want my own Miss Teschmacher, but this book is hot so snag the grade you can afford. $20 and up

20. Batman #712 –  ok so after watching the last three episodes of Gotham, I am on a Riddler kick. It’s not a crime ya know.  This is one of the last pre-New 52 Batman issue with a low print run. The Riddler kills his own daughter which is kind of sick for the Riddler but this is a cheap book for any hardcore riddler fan $5

Two quick bonus books: Batman #169 & #179 are the second silver age appearances of the Penguin and Riddler respectively, and compared to #155 & #171 are cheaper to obtain in high grade so just find the grade you can afford

Once again, thank you all for a wonderfull and magicall #awesomesauce year. So now that I fade away I find myself obsolete
blind adam out


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  1. Kraig says:

    How did you get ripped off? If you don’t mind me asking.

  2. Cool WWE Valiant- freaking love that. Good call.

  3. OCguy72 says:

    Starting over from scratch?… I’ve done that before! Just keep moving forward, never looking back! It takes time but if you keep yourself busy, working toward your goals, time can move quickly! Best of luck with everything Adam!!!

  4. Jonathan says:

    Fun stuff, as always. If you want early Frank Miller doing Wonder Woman, check out LOC #1!

  5. TopherS says:

    Nice picks here! And thanks for bursting my bubble….Dark Victory 0 was on my slate for next week.

  6. blind a blind adam the comicpimp says:

    thank you all for the friendship,surport and for reading this each and evr every week. I love you guys

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