Michael Moreci Shares Free Star Wars Fanfic Comic

I received this from Michael Moreci creator of Roche Limit, Burning Fields, ReincarNATE, and more:

Heya friends/fellow Star Wars lovers/all around wonderful people!

Let me say, first, I hope you’re doing well, and thanks for opening this email : )

You all know me in some capacity, so you probably know what a devoted Star Wars fan I am. You may have even seen the comics anthology Tim Daniel and I coordinated last year (if you haven’t, it’s linked below). Writing Star Wars, even just as fan fic, was one of the highlights of Tim’s and my year. 
So, we made another anthology this year…except bigger. 
Combined with a slate of talented artists, colorists, letterers, and a new writer, we just released the second volume of what looks to be an annual anthology–and it’s a big ol’ collection this year, clocking in at 100 pages of love-fueled Star Wars tales. 
As friends and people I know who love Star Wars, I’m sharing this for the simple purpose of hoping you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it. Every single person involved labored on this for free and the PDF is being released free. We’re doing this as fans and for fans. 
That said, you can check it out right here (and you can share if you’re moved to do so): 
2016 Anthology

And here’s last year’s PDF (which has been viewed around 10K times, which is crazy): 2015 Anthology

Thanks again–may the Force be with you!



Twitter: @michaelmoreci


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  1. My name’s DrunkWooky and I approve of this message!

  2. John T. says:

    I’m having trouble opening the link to the 2016 Anthology. Anyone else having issues?

  3. John Dye says:

    I liked the 2015 Anthology.

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