Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 37

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Wow, Just a few days left until Christmas and even less days left to Hanukah . Where did 2016 go?
Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you for making 2016 an #awesomesauce year. I love you guys and thank you all for the friendship, encouragement, support, and advice. Before we make money with comics I want to update you all that the “gofundme” is now live and ready to start excepting donations.
I still think Red Bull is the best drink ever made. I still don’t understand why Pizza Hut needs six to ten different stuffed crusts. Superman #12 with Frankenstein was my comic of the week. Legends of Tomorrow was the show of the week. Captain Cold is the bomb. I hope you all have an amazing awesome and magical holiday season. (I still want Doctor Linda from Lucifer under the tree and a year’s worth of red bull, if you are looking for the perfect gifts for me.) Now, lets make money with comics because you can’t teach that
1. Amazing Spiderman #72 – did you all see that Homecoming trailer? can’t wait for July 7th. This is the second appearance of the Shocker. This is a cheaper buy in then #46. $15 and up
2. Amazing Spiderman #151 & #152 – I am counting this as one gem. Third and Fourth appearance of the  Shocker. These issues also have ties to the greatest clone saga, the original clone saga as #152 is where the clone body goes into the smoke stack $10-20
3. Marvel Tales #139 – this reprints Amazing Spiderman #2. If you are a new Spiderman collector or  investor then Marvel Tales #137-190 is a great spec play, as these reprint Amazing Fantasy 15 and Amazing Spiderman 1-50, straight through the run . Marvel Tales #139 reprints the first Vulture (who is also Birdman, Batman, and Beetlejuice) #awesomesauce
4. Flash #165 (Volume 2) – first Plunder, second Geoff Johns wonderland story and the CW’s Flash season 3 will have Plunder when it comes back. The show has made any Flash first appearance a great investment at least for short term $5
5. Worlds Finest #30 – this has no spec value whatsoever. I was looking up something and found out this is the first Penny Plunder. I just want this classic Batman villain to make a come back or an appearance in Gotham along with Kiteman. Just look for the grade you can afford as deals on golden age books do come around
6. Sensational Spiderman #18 – a dollar box Vulture appearance. I can see Homecoming being a home run and people wanting to read and collect vulture appearances. This is a cheap one from, I believe, the first series with this title
7. Worlds Finest #263 – final Super Sons appearance by Denny O’Neal in the pre-Crisis DC. I am excited for Super Sons. I believe the real money for the original Batman Jr. and Superman Jr. is in the trades, however Worlds Finest back issues are cheap so this is a great bet $5-10
8. Halloween Fest 2016 Darth Vader and Dr. Aphra – Reprints Darth Vader #3 and is a cheap way to obtain a very, very hot issue right now $5 Dr. Aphra is hot
9. Amazing Spiderman Civil War Decisions trade paperback – ok so I watched the Homecoming trailer like twenty plus times. So, I am excited for the new movie since for almost 15 years we have gotten a second rate Spiderman movies with a 40 something year old Peter Parker. Snag the sketch cover variant and I also believe there is a second print, happy hunting
10. DC Limited Collectors Item C24 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer – How did his nose get so damn red in the first place? What did Rudolph put up his nose? Well I wanted to add this to my PC as I love the bronze age oversized books didn’t realize these Rudolph ones went for pretty decent coin really $50-80. Rudolph makes the money and the elves gets to be a DJ (watch robot chicken for that reference)
11. Kick Ass 2 #5 Cosplay photo varant – Kick Ass is the bomb. Mark Millar is just a comic book god. This is his best work and this is how a cosplay variant should be done. Marvel just stop the cosplay variants or do them right $5-10
12. Daredevil #43 (Volume 1) – first time Matt and Karen break up and I am sure the show will get to this point, as well as my next gem, this is a cheap silver age Karen Page key $5 and up
13. Daredevil #62 (Volume 1) – Karen Page moves from NYC to Hollywood to start her awesome acting career. #awesomesauce to Karen Page and I can see the show doing this and “Born Again” in season 3 or 4. $5 and up depending on grade of course. I love Karen Page
14. Reagan’s Raiders #1 – this has no spec vaule whatsoever. I wanted to talk about Ronald Reagan for my podcast on youtube awesomesauce commix. I was trying to figure out what his first appearance in comics was. Found everything except that including this awesome comic from the eighties and it is in dollar boxes
15. Daredevil #241 – so let me get this straight, Daredevil is a hot title and property right now. Todd McFarlane and an earily pre-Hulk & Spiderman McFarlane at that. Plus a Mike Zeck cover. This is in dollar boxes WTF? for the Daredevil and McFarlane fans make it a ten dollar bill damnit
16. Mad Magazine #540 – this Mad issue has a Donald Trump appearance and is just funny $5-10.
16 1/2. New Avengers #47 – Donald Trump threatens to sue Luke Cage (thanks to comicbookrealm for this one) after Luke moves his limo out of the way of an oncoming ambulance.
17. Batman #131 – yes it is another silver age Batman book. Just find the grade you can afford. This is the first mention of a Batman Jr. before Worlds Finest #215. $20 and up
18. Batman Inc. #1 (Volume 2) – why did we need a Batcow? Seriously, why did we need a batcow? However in Annual #1 we saw all the bat pets including Ace the Bathound and the damned Batcow. I now like Batcow $3-5
19. DC Convergence #8 – Superboy is hot. John Kent is the man and Super Sons is coming in February this is the issue where pre-New 52 Kent family, including baby John Kent, come into the New 52. Before Rebirth and this is a cheap safe bet, not like Superman Convergence #2 or Lois and Clark #8
20. X-Men Unlimited #3 (Volume 1) early solo Sabertooth story. This starts Victor Creed on the road of being an X-Man like he is now. It is in dollar boxes and has a high print run but it is a cool story
Bonus Books:
21. Comic Marketplace #17 – I loved this magazine growing up. This has no real spec value, however, it is the Batmania issue so, what you gonna do when batmanina runs wild on you brother? $5-10
22. DC Silver Age Classics Brave and the Bold #28 – reprints of key golden age and silver age books are on the rise. With information on the jla movie coming out I thought this would be a great reprint to track down $5-10
Well have a great holiday. Be safe and enjoy your loved ones. Quick last thought, why do we need Elves on Shelves? Anyone? I love you all, and am blessed to have you in my life
Now that I fade away I find myself obsolete

10 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 37”

  1. Hey, Adam! I got your email a few days ago. The real estate industry is just nuts at the end of every year. No sleep, always working, can barely allow myself a single comic-related diversion.
    To my knowledge there are no Christmas-themed Star Wars comics. Star Wars has steered clear of Christmas from the very beginning. Even the misguided holiday special calls the holiday the Wookiees’ “Life Day.”
    I think the creative team try to keep most things “in-universe” and don’t let santa invade.
    Having said that, I do have a pretty rad Darth Santa ornament. It’s handy because my wife is a “peaker” who opens presents. This has a sensor warning her not to peak. Pretty great. Probably my favorite ornament of all time.

  2. i could use a darth vadar like that as well. thank you everyone for thelove and surport and for reading and listening each and every week. blind adam out

  3. Hey Adam,
    Do you think Deadpool #1 Hastings Variant is too expensive on ebay for a good spec at this point? It’s around $15 currently. The price shot up a lot faster than The New Avengers #47 and I’m not able to get my hands on it for cheap.

    1. I think for the quick flip it isnew avengers #47. for a long term deadpool #1 hestings with that sweet cover is a safe bet around $10-15 I would hold until the second deadpool movie.there a few comics featuring the Donald that have a gtreatchance of gorwing in price. the heavy metel 1990issue as well as that made I mentioned above blind adam out

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