Recall alert Saga #41

Ok this is a big one for fans of recalled comics.Saga #41 has been recalled due to a coloring error on the printed book and Diamond is asking for the books to be returned to be pulled. 

This shows the error and the corrected version of Saga #41

Look for the darker colored copies of Saga #41

Bleeding Cool reported the story earlier but said that they were being pulled from the printer. However, the message above stated that the books are being shipped out next Wednesday and that retailers are to return them. 

From Image Comics Press Release:

Due to a printer error, Image Comics will be reprinting SAGA #41 in time for it to hit shelves on the adjusted release date of January 4th, 2017. 
“Bumping any title is a disappointment, but SAGA has shipped on time every issue up to this point and being forced to delay this one was an incredibly difficult decision,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “Unfortunately, while delaying the book for a week tarnishes our on-time shipping record, selling SAGA #41 as it was originally printed would have negatively impacted the quality of one of the best comics on the market. Not everything can be perfect, but in this case, the difference between the files submitted to the printer and the book that was printed were so great that we simply could not let the book go as is.”
Brian K. Vaughan, writer and co-creator, added: “Fiona and I are really sorry to have to ask readers, and our retailer partners, to wait just a little bit longer to read a finished issue that we’re particularly proud of. But we’re very grateful to our printer and everyone at Image for working quickly to fix an unfortunate printing error that we felt hurt the quality of our book. Thanks for understanding, and Happy Holidays!”


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10 Responses to Recall alert Saga #41

  1. degreesofseparation1968 says:

    Thanks Tony. Do these spec well and how many copies will end up out there do you reckon? Unlikely I’ll get hold of one as I have an online subscription for Saga 😩

  2. Brennan says:

    I’ve just now spoken to my shop and arranged for a copy to be destroyed by my pull box 😉 my shop usually gives me copies of recalled comics anyway.

  3. Lonzilla says:

    I’ll be sure to hit up the shops that had the Justice League #51 errors

  4. Stanley says:

    If free printing is provided, then the printer is the financial loser here. Stores should be delighted at receiving bonus misprinted comics that may be sold and not destroyed.

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