Christmas Open Forum

I will be off with the kids for the next two days. Need to still draw some winners for recent giveaways (will be mailing out prizes this week to recent winners as well.) In the meantime, it’s open forum time

Let’s hear all the geeky goodies you got under the tree, vent about inlaws invading your house, or whatever else you want to talk about.


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  1. Jesus says:

    I will start by saying this is the best Christmas I have had in years. Work has been good and went all out for my boys this year. Weather has been crazy here is San Diego. On and off showers. I can’t wait for my wife to open her present as I got her some exclusive pops that she wasn’t able to get. As for my oldest he will love the Harry Potter book set we got him and for the little one, was able to get him a Batmobile from the animated series and a batcave for his 6″ figures. As for myself I got some Supra shoes. So like I said. Good Christmas.

    • Anthony says:

      It is 2 AM here on the east coast. I just woke from my long winters nap to finish playing Santa. I know the Apple Watch is under the tree for me and I can’t wait to open it. Going to pass on the milk on the counter that has been sitting out but the kids left me cookies as a snack.

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      • DrunkWooky says:

        I can’t wait to go all out on the Santa method for my kids someday. Tonight I was daydreaming about buying a Santa suit to place gifts under the tree.

        I hope Joe and your other little one (sorry) have a magical morning.

      • Anthony says:

        Joe and Sam did. Thanks for mentioning it. They have been up since 4:30 when Joe crawled into bed, pulled my eyes open, and asked if we could go down and see if Santa came.

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  2. No I'm Jesus! says:

    Merry X-mas Chu!

  3. onslaught28 says:

    Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  4. schweizerdavid says:

    I was able to score an NES Classic Mini and some Christmas Eve Dungeness crab. I’m now further into Zelda then I ever was as a kid prior to the advent of the internet.

    Had some use them or lose them vacation days at work, so spent the past few days sorting and pricing comics for the March swap.

    • Anthony says:

      Nice. Jealous on the Nintendo. I had an emulator on my PSP a few years ago and spent an entire work day playing through Zelda. Best day at work ever.

      I also had the use it or lose it days so I am off the 22-January 3rd. Best gift ever is not having to go to work for 12 days.

      • A. King says:

        Since I think the Christmas rush has died down I’m going to be looking for that Nintendo classic, I have heard that they are at some Walmarts. With my job they give us off from the week before Christmas to the day after MLK day…….with pay. I don’t know how many times my GF has said “I wish I had a paid month off “, when I’m complaining about my job, plus I have a lot of vacation saved up so I’m good. The only thing is I do like 80% of my comic shopping on slow work days.

  5. JohnF. says:

    I went with a different mind frame this year, I got my family members soaks in a sensory deprivation tank or 1 of those Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps, so, I am extremely interested to see their reactions!

    • Anthony says:

      I have been reading a lot about the Himalayan Salts. If they do not like it let me know and I will take them. Lol.

      The sensory deprivation tanks are a cool experience. I would love to do that too. I hear your mind goes to some fantastic places but some people cannot handle it. I also want to go to the noiseless room. It is supposed to be eerie to be in something so quiet and again some people cannot handle the experience.

  6. agentpoyo says:

    Happy Holidays!

  7. Steve Fraser says:

    Happy Hokidays everyone. I am hopeful you your loved ones have a healthy and happy year.

  8. Arrowguy says:

    I’ve been doing a bit more selling than buying this year — and I made three good sales on eBay last night, so that’s my Christmas gift! A lot of my comic sales have gone into a project I’ve worked on the last few months — converting an old shed into a steampunk submarine office inspired by Captain Nemo and the Nautilus, complete with brass porthole windows, oil lanterns, vintage grandfather clock, swords, antique books, and old map, Victorian furniture, etc. It’s been gutted and fully insulated, with new sheetrock and painted, so it looks and feels awesome in there. I even hooked up electricity and a vintage propane gas heater, so I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday chilling out there and doing some writing. Today I’ll be catching up on some long overdue comic book reading. Have a great holiday, everyone!

    • Anthony says:

      Dude. That’s awesome. I thought of doing something like that, minus the steam punk theme. an outside shed office with ac/heat/electricity but need to move before I can do that.

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      • Arrowguy says:

        I totally recommend it. It’s nice to have something of a manspace / office space and a place of one’s own — especially outside of the house, but also with heat and electricity. My shed is maybe 50 feet from the house and I built a small porch for it too. It’s been a fun project to work on over the weekends and it turned out great.

      • Anthony says:

        We currently live in a red brick town home so no space in the back yard for it. Plus I think my wife would make me live in it. We are looking at single family homes with space for one. She wants a shed to convert into a yoga studio. I want one for running the business, comic storage and all. We have killer Amish built shed places around here.

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  9. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Merry X-Mas everyone. I am quite new to this forum but I have enjoyed reading all the stuff that has been contributed. It has also inspired some of my recent purchases. My daughter is 11 and my boys are 3 and 2 and I am slowly building up their collections (while still building mine). It was definitely a great Christmas for them. The boys got new Spidey and Batman pajamas, along with a whole bunch of goodies (though the Tardis and sonic screwdriver are stealing the shine). My daughter is super into squirrel girl so she got the newest comic, graphic novel, and a SG shirt. Thanks for all that you guys and gals do!

  10. Lonzilla says:

    The woman outdid herself this year! Here’s what she put under the tree that’s comic and collection noteworthy:
    Tales From the Crypt #32
    Haunt Of Fear #18
    Happy #1, #3, #4, #4 variant – All CGC 9.8 for my registry set
    Negan Kills SDCC variant set
    Outcast SDCC figures
    Unknown Soldier GI Joe 12″
    POP Sid Vicious figure
    POP Negan figure
    Lucille McFarlane life sized replica
    Heath Ledger Joker jack in the box
    Kiss Dressed To Kill 8″ Mego style figures
    Lucille Sluggers Lootcrate t-shirt
    ’66 batman Mego style accessories set
    and a new coffee maker which we desperately needed
    … happy 48 year old kid right here

    • Anthony says:

      Nice haul and understanding wife. I was happy with my Apple Watch and GoPro I love tech toys

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      • Lonzilla says:

        I got her a bunch of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff she wanted, the old Preacher PVC figure set, a vintage Sandman Endless family poster, 2 James O’Barr Crow sketches among other things. She’s a collector too

      • Anthony says:

        Nice as well. Having a collector as a wife/girlfriend makes life easier.

  11. A. King says:

    Happy holidays once again guys. I just got a Nailbiter #1 – #27 full set in the mail yesterday, just adding to my hoard of Nailbiter comics. For anyone interested has copies of White #2 and Superman Convergence #1 and #2. Hope you all had a good day.

  12. A. King says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!! You guys might already know, but I just found out that Nailbiter #30 is the series finale. I’ll be sad to see it end.

  13. Jeremy Abbott says:

    Did anyone get any good comics for Christmas?

    • agentpoyo says:

      Not a single one. I would not want to be disappointed. All my comic shopping is done by me.. I go comic shopping every Wednesday so I take a break on this day each year as well.. 🙂

    • A. King says:

      Not this year, but when I first started collecting someone gave me a “How to collect comics” starter set. It came with 30 comics and a short box, and the best comic out of the 30 was an Uncanny X Men #266.

  14. Glad to see everyone had a good holiday!
    My girlfriend outdid herself this year. Batman Adventures #12 CBCS Graded at 9.4 and signed by Rick Burchett. Feeling pretty lucky!

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