Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 38

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Wow can you believe it is Christmas? May santa be good to all of you and give you your hearts desires. Thank you for an amazing and awesome 2016. The Gofundme for Awesomesauce commix, the fresh start is now live and ready to accept donations. Thank you all for the support, advice, and friendship over this past year.

I am now going on record that the worst holiday special ever made is not Star Wars, but the Pee Wee Herman Christmas special? Maybe I should drink a few more beers before watching it next year.

I loved the Flash #12 and Reborn #3 and before we make money on comics, one last question, if you could open a comic store in either New York City or Las Vegas which would you chose and why? Asking as it plays into the entire
fresh start thing.

Now lets make the dollar dollar on some funny books

1. Justice League International #13 – this was the year for JLA fans. The regular JLA with Booster and Beetle and this series. Well this is part of a two part storyline where the JLA fights this team of villains called the Suicide Squad. The Rebirth JLA vs Suicide Squad dropped this week. Dollar box find, make it $5

2. Suicide Squad #13 – part two of the story started in JLI #13. Deadshot is the man and Captain Boomerang is #awesomesauce This is a cheap book which can grow especially if they do JLA vs Suicide Squad in the movies $5

3. Quasar #18 – it seems each and every week I find reasons to dig for Quasar back issues. Quasar #18 has art by Batman and Reborn super-artist Greg Capullo and it is only between fifty cents to two bucks. Two whole American dollars, why so cheap?

4. Batman 66 meets the Green Hornet #1 Second Print – Second prints are all the rage these days. Well, we have Kevin Smith Batman and the Green Hornet and if they wanted to do a third animated 66 Batman film they could adapt this six issue story no problem $5-10

5. Chasing Dogma Graphic Novel Second Print – this reprints the Jay and Silent Bob mini-series by Oni Press. It has a really cool introduction from Alanis Morissette. She is some Canadian singer that hooked up with Uncle Joey from Full House. She even wrote a famous song about it. Kevin Smith is the greatest film maker and comic writer of all time, testify. Oh, and the book is pretty hard to come by in the wild. $10-20

6. Indy Comics Magazine #17 – this is an interesting hidden gem. It is a great magazine from the nineties. You get Jay and Silent Bob, Too Much Coffee Man and Harvey Pekar all in one place $10

7. Star Wars Rogue Squadron 1/2 – damn you Wizard and your mail away comics. This is just a fun comic and with the new movie could see a bump $5

8. Daredevil Childs Play trade paper back – Netflix plus Daredevil plus Punisher plus Frank Miller equals awesome. Reprints Daredevil #182-184 and could also equal money, silly awesome money $10-20

9. Daredevil #1 (Marvel Knights Series) Dynamic Forces variant – Kevin Smith Daredevil. These are some of my favorite things. This relaunched Daredevil into being a serious player at Marvel again. Even D.F. had to do a variant $10-25

10. Santa Conquers the Martians #1 (Dell comics) – no spec value, and let me repeat that this comic has no real spec value, but if your a fan of bad Christmas movies, then this is the king of them. Who in the blue heck thought having Santa fight Martians was a great idea? Well it is #awesomesauce so just snag a low grade copy and enjoy and try and watch the movie

11. All New X-Men #19 Agents of Shield Photo Cover – this is still pretty cheap, however, if you at a convention where the Shields cast is at, and you get this puppy s.s.ed you can make the money $5-10 and Chloe Bennet on the show is hot

12. The Flash 23.3 The Rogues – thank you for the past gimmicks DC. Oh villains month 3-d covers. I love the Flash both on TV and in comics. Forever Evil did give us a hero Captain Cold on the JLA the better bet is the none 3-d cover as everone chased the 3-d ones $5-15

13. The Incredible Hulk #255 – Hulk vs Thor cover. Tough book to find in the wild, at least for me. Thor 3 movie players fighting on a cover for $1-5

14. The Mighty Thor #385 – now this is a Thor vs Hulk cover, white background, I will pay up to $3 on this. (email if you have copies to sell) $3-5

15. Grendel #40 – classic indy series. Matt Wagner at his best. Whatever happened to the Grendel movie? Tough to find in the wild and has no real spec value other than being a final issue. I just love final issues $10-20

16. Spitfire #4 – holy quarter bin it is a New Universe book on the list. Spitfire #4 has early Todd McFarlane art in it. Don’t pay more then $2 max on this as it is in quarter or fifty cent bins, but Todd McFarlane completests need this for the collection

17. Spawn #16 – 1st Greg Capullo art on Spawn Capullo is hot, so is Spawn, but the print runs on early Spawn keep prices low $1-5

18. Onslaught Reborn #2 – no real spec value, but the Joe Mad Hulk cover is just sweet $10

19. Amazing Spiderman #275-277 – this is a classic three part story and could be used as one of the two sequels to Homecoming as we have Flash and Ned. We can introduce Flash as he gets framed by the Hobgoblin. Just a fun read and #275 reprints Amazing Fantasy #15 s added value. Issue #277 features Daredevil and the Kingpin as well

20. What If? #26 Volume 2 – #26 is “What if the Punisher killed Daredevil.” This is a dollar box find. But if Netflix shows Daredevil “die” by the hands of the Punisher, it could be more than just a fun read.

Well, once again, happy holidays. Thank you for reading and listening I love you guys and I am so blessed to have you all in my life.

So now that I fade away I find myself osbelete
blind adam out


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4 Responses to Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 38

  1. Kevin Erickson says:

    While the 3-D Villains month covers are cool, I’ve always said the money is in the non 3-D “variants” for the same reason you mentioned about the Flash 23.3- EVERYONE chased the 3-D versions. The non 3-D and some of the 2nd Print 3-D covers are tough to find in the wild.

  2. Jesus says:

    Great list. I want that Spawn #16 now lol. As for a store to be opened, I would choose Las Vegas. Reason being that that you will be close to everything. You will have the Con in phoenix, the Anaheim, the SDCC, the one in SLC. And don’t forget about the major traffic from everyone passing by Vegas. I used to travel a lot threw Vegas back in the day and there is always traffic in and out. Not a bad place to open up a shop in my opinion.

    • Jason Zimmerman says:

      Was way ahead of you on JLA International 13 and Suicide Squad 13! A Must get/sell as set. Check out covers too. Frontside of pic on one cover, backside of same pic on other cover. Pretty cool!

  3. Shane Larsen says:

    Aye, if you move to vegas, i’ll hit up the new shop (if it’s on the north side xD)!

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