Mel V.’s Variant Picks of the week for 1/4/16

HAPPY NEW YEAR CHU! Welcome to 2017. I hope for a bigger year in variants than we had last year, and last year was a pretty darn good one in my opinion. We have got a pretty decent week one of the new year, so lets get into the get into

Avengers Vol 6 #3 Cover B Incentive Julian Totino Tedesco Variant Cover – beautiful looking cover to kick off 2017 ..he can add this to his slew of other great painted covers of his

Heavy Metal #284 Cover B Savage Sword Of Jesus Christ By Ken Kelley – Your gonna want to pick this one up for the Savage Sword Of Jesus Christ by Grant Morrison. I think this one is going to be huge. Pick one up.

Marry Me #1 Cover C Variant Remy Eisu Mokhtar Cover – Nothing special about this cover I just want you guys to be aware of Marry me which very well could be our first sleeper of the new year. Based on a webcomic that has garnered a number of fans over it’s 10 year run.. this could be sought after and under ordered

Moon Knight Vol 8 #10 Cover D Incentive Whilce Portacio Classic Artist Variant Cover Marvel Now Tie-In – My brother was happy to see Whilce Portacio on the list last week with the Punisher variant. He may pee his pants when he sees him doing a Moon Knight and him on my list for a second week in a row.

Unstoppable Wasp #1 Cover G Elizabeth Torque Variant – Marvel has high hopes for this series, we shall see, if this takes off then this great looking cover could be the one to have


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  1. Jesus says:

    That moon knight cover looks sick. Defenetly T-shirt worthy.

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