Previews Bringing Black Bolt as Previews Exclusive Funko Pop

The Midnight King screams into comic shops as Diamond Comic Distributors and Funko present a new line of Marvel PREVIEWS Exclusive (PX) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures. 
Fans will find two regal figures of Marvel Comics’ Black Bolt, the leader of the Inhumans and star of the upcoming television series, with two designs: his classic Black costume and the redesigned Blue costume designed by artist Steven McNiven for Uncanny Inhumans. Both figures stand at 3 ¾” tall within the standard Funko window box packaging.
These two PREVIEWS Exclusive figures will be featured in the January issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog. Each figure will carry a suggested price of $11.99, and will be available in stores late January 2017.


Fans can pre-order their own Marvel PX Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures at their local comic book specialty shop to ensure they get these marvelous figures.  

5 thoughts on “Previews Bringing Black Bolt as Previews Exclusive Funko Pop”

  1. Nice!
    I’ll be preordering the black and white one.
    I love black bolt and I really don’t know why. I couldn’t even begin to tell you why. The guy doesn’t even speak! He just stands there all imposing going 😐 with his arms crossed. I don’t get it, but I will get one of these.

  2. It’s intresting to see how Marvel is bringing back old characters and at that making them more cool. I’ve been wanting black bolt’s first appearance but man the books keeps getting more expensive every year.

  3. I preordered the b/w one…wish they had posed him in that classic arms crossed pose Brennan mentioned!
    BTW, what’s the McNiven redesign? They look the same except for color…do you get credit now for color? If so I call redesign in red… Send me a check, Marvel!
    Also preordered Classic 70s Luke Cage Power Man with yellow shirt, tiara, & chain belt…and Iron Fist.

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