Wednesday Winner: Underworld Blood Wars

It is nice to walk into the comic shop o Wednesday and pick up your comics. It is even nicer when you pick up your books on Wednesday and they are selling for multiple times cover price. Underworld Blood Wars is one of them
This was  a Poyo Pick of the Week. Thank you to W for pointing this one out. Underworld Blood Wars has several closed sales already between $19.99 and $29.99.
Listed copies are priced at $19.99 and $34,99, with only three copies available at the moment.
Might be worth checking out.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Winner: Underworld Blood Wars”

  1. Underworld was the first R-rated movie I went to see at the theaters alone. I wasn’t quite yet old enough but I honestly thought it was PG-13 and my parents dropped me off at our local small movie-theater that was part of a really small chain. The owner of that location saw me and my folks go to all sorts of movies all the time so he didn’t bat an eye when I requested a ticket or demand proof I was actually old enough. You can imagine my surprise when I was watching the flick and all the f-bombs and gruesome bloodshed started. For that reason of it being my first solo-attended R-rated movie, “Underworld,” has a weird little special place in my heart and I kind of want to find a copy of this comic!

    1. Nice.
      My first R-Rated movie I saw without my parents was Hamburger Hill. Yes, I was well under the age limit at the time (I believe I was 10) but my dad told the ticket attendent he approved of me and my step-brother watching it together without them. Funny how that seems to stand out in one’s memory.

  2. The first R rated movie I saw in the theatre was Steven Seagal in ‘Hard To Kill’. I was about 8 and I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle with my family and my cousins, who are ten years older than me, took me out with them and snuck me into the theatre. At the time, it was the best movie I had ever seen, lol. I still think k those early Seagal flicks are pretty solid 80s action flicks.

  3. I just got off the phone with one LCS, they didn’t order any Blood War, but she said that it’s still available from diamond.

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