DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Report for 1/8/2017

Hey, CHU, it’s DrunkWooky back with some tidbits and tantalizing details!

Lots of Star Wars Franchise updates this week.

First of all, we have a batch of new variant covers for Darth Maul #1 releasing 02/01/2017! This latest batch includes the ubiquitous JTC Action Figure variant, an awesome Mark Brooks cover, and a cover from Marvel’s line of 40th anniversary variants filling up 2017!

Since the Clone Wars explained away Maul’s bi-section in The Phantom Menace and gave him an elaborate backstory and continuing presence in the Star Wars universe. Dark Horse’s Son of Dathomir has been fetching premium prices since the news broke that it was one of the shortest printed Star Wars Dark Horse books before Marvel acquired the property.

The Son of Dathomir trade paperback actually sells for higher than the individual issues due to extraordinarily small numbers having been printed.

Son of Dathomir was adapted from an unused Clone Wars script and has remained Canon during the Dark Horse to Marvel transition. Hence, the collector interest.

Consequently, if any CHU readers are looking to give up some Son of Dathomir in either format, I know a Wooky who would be interested. (wink wink)

Anyway, on to the pretty covers courtesy, as always, of Jedi Bibliothek

John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant

And speaking of JTC Action Figure Covers, Here is Wonder World Comics Exclusive


Mark Brooks Variant

Darth Maul #1 Star Wars Rebels Variant


Movie Variant

Albuquerque variant

Regular Rod Reis Variant


Terry Dodson Star Wars 40th Annviersary Variant

Speaking of 40th Anniversary covers, again, Marvel will be running them all 2017 long. To say I won’t get them all would be a massive lie. Here’s a sample from Star Wars.com to whet your appetite:

Doctor Aphra 3 by Juan Gimenez

Poe Dameron 10 by Stuart Immonen

Star Wars 27 by Ryan Stegman and Jordan Boyd

And from yet to be named books:

Michael Walsh

Mike Mayhew

Michael Laming

David Lopez

Kevin Wada

Finally, as a little 2017 gift, here’s a pre-Rogue One Easter Egg from Poe Dameron #8:

From Star Wars.com

“[T]here are two new helmets in Terex’s private chambers that will make their big screen debut in Rogue One. The helmets are the black death trooper bucket, as well as the white Scarif shore trooper helmet. (And are those the Death Star plans?) It’s exciting to see how threads throughout the Star Wars galaxy are working in conjunction to create a detailed canvas that makes Star Wars such a diverse, authentic mythology.”

One last thing, here is the action figure variant for Star Wars #28

Until I have more juicy nuggets for you guys, DrunkWooky out!


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5 Responses to DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Report for 1/8/2017

  1. Barry W says:

    I’ve already got pre-orders in for the first batch of anniversary covers, I have a good feeling about these! From a spec POV

  2. Shines says:

    I like that Wonder World variant. The stamps part with the original film release date is a nice touch, plus the fact that all three characters have been “cancelled” both on the stamps & on screen by the respective figures below.

  3. Jesus says:

    That’s a lot of variants. I will pass on every single one. I’m a big Star Wars fan but will not waste a single penny on a Marvel variant any more. From now on and will stick to it. Will still buy the regular books, but no more variants. It sucks that you buy a book and they are making all of these variants for that issue.

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