New Comic Spec Review video for 1/11/17

Terry Hoknes and I sat down early and had our weekly spec conversation, talking about this week’s new releases. Here it is for books delivered on 1/11/17:


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26 Responses to New Comic Spec Review video for 1/11/17

  1. Joe Fote says:

    Anthony and Terry, these videos are great so please keep doing them.

  2. john dye says:

    Absolutely love u guys doing this video weekly!! Great idea!! Videos are getting better. Very professional.

    • Anthony says:

      Lol. It sure about professional I can’t find a good spot in my house to film. Also the full green screen last week was too much. Trying to play with that some though.

  3. Carl Svenson says:

    Agreed! Loved the video and already looking forward to next weeks one! Please keep doing these

  4. Andrew Binassi says:

    Another informative video. Thanks.

  5. Jesus says:

    What was the name of the book by Colin Bunn?

      • agentpoyo says:

        I like everything about this book but the “and with no memory of who they are”… I hate that story plot.. it’s been done a million times over and over and over in movies, shows, comics, books.. I hate it, hate it.. hate it.. I’ll likely pick it up to check out but I really wish writers would drop this plot synopsis in their books, it’s nothing new or ground breaking and it’s a total turn off for me when I read stories with that twist in the story line.

  6. MCSports says:

    Curious for your opinion on the WWE Then Now Forever #1 books going forth. I noticed the Stone Cold Eric Powell variant sold out, and there are also variants for The Rock or Triple H. Any feel for the title as a spec pick?

    • Anthony says:

      Wrestling fans will always throw money at their favorite wrestler. Try selling these on Amazon for multiple times cover and I bet they sell.

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  7. Dewayne says:

    I live for these videos. Excellent job Terry and Anthony.

  8. J.Dan Patane says:

    Really appreciate these videos. Nice work!

  9. 124908124 says:

    The pace was much better compared to previous weeks and didn’t lose anything so that was great. Some criticism – having watched these for a while now, you guys always make print run your #1 factor in picks which is solid, but don’t rely on it for every decision. I’d also like to see some picks based just on quality of cover art, even if they are just regular covers and not #1 issues.

    • Anthony says:

      Criticism is always welcome and noted. Buzz is a big factor and when we talk about print runs and whether it is stated or not buzz and print run is a big factor. Small press books that people are talking about that may be hard to find do effect price. But alone, you are 100% correct, print run is not a deciding factor and other factors should be taken into account.

  10. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Good stuff! Any thoughts on Khaal or Lobster Johnson Garden of Bones? One book i was surprised wasn’t on here is Unbeatable Squirrel Girl # 16. With it being the 25th anniversary edition and now since she is on spidey’s new cartoon I thought it would have made the list.

    • Anthony says:

      I love Lobster Johnson. Great book as are all the Mignola-verse books. However they never do anything on the secondary market. I am not sure appearing on the Cartoon will do much for the Squirrel Girl 16. Might help her early appearance though.

  11. A. King says:

    Good video. No love for D & D, same here the only way I would buy a D & D comic is if it was about those kids in that old cartoon.

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