Spoilers: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #4 Batman Kills Who Now?

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #4 is out today.

I had these spoilers last night and due to something else coming up didn’t get a chance to post. Since the issue is out, the spoilers are not redacted. There be spoilers ahead so read at your own risk.
Lobo Vs. Batman. Lobo is going after Weller and Batman uses a little Suicide Squad tech on him. 

Lobo acts unphased.

And the results.

I wouldn’t worry too much about Lobo though, previously in the issue, he took a hell of a beating and bounced back.

I wonder if Batman does something similar in today’s Justice League Power Rangers crossover? 


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8 Responses to Spoilers: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #4 Batman Kills Who Now?

  1. Brennan says:

    When I read the headline I was all like whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! But then I saw it was Lobo and was like wah waaaah. He can’t be killed. Like at all.
    I don’t know what I was thinking, but I suppose I was hoping he actually killed someone accidentally and the regret would become a big part of his character.

  2. agentpoyo says:

    Pffttt.. Batman don’t kill..

  3. Jesus says:

    He doesn’t kill any more. Due remember he used to kill back in the day

  4. A. King says:

    I don’t know how many of you guys are reading this series. I’m not, but the more I hear about it makes me wish I was. If I do decide to start I’m sure it won’t be to hard to find the back issues.

  5. Simon Payne says:

    Lobo can just regenerate!!!!!!!

  6. melthemovieguy says:

    Its good..I didnt like it at 1st but it grew on me ..they are building Killer Frost to be a beast

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