Doctor Aphra Appears in Star Wars Force Arena Game

This was mentioned in the comment section of Drunk Wooky’s Star Wars update, and people seemed unaware of it, but Dr. Aphra appears in Star Wars Force Arena video game. 

The appearance in the trailers and the game can only help bring awareness to the character, as well as her first appearance in Darth Vader #3 and her first stand alone issue with Doctor Aphra #1

You can see her in the earlier trailer below

And also in this one:


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3 Responses to Doctor Aphra Appears in Star Wars Force Arena Game

  1. Barry W says:

    Cheers for the article Tony, I was also unaware it was a brand new game. Let’s hope the love for Aphra spreads with this one!

  2. JayClue says:

    That is freaking awesome! I love that the comics are bringing new stories and characters to the mainstream star Wars canon.

  3. Time to hang up Contest of Champions and take on this bad boy!

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