Poyo’s Picks of the Week for January 18th, 2017

It’s that time again, where we head out to the local comic shops and give our money away without hesitation. Super busy this week so I hope I don’t miss anything. Last couple of weeks have been good, especially God Country #1. But let’s talk this weeks picks.

DC/Vertigo Pick

Batman #15 -Tom King has found his bat-voice and is doing well. Love seeing Catwoman and Batman together.

Marvel Pick

Mighty Captain Marvel #1a – Carol Danvers played a key role in Civil War 2 and she will be getting the spotlight in her own movie. Picking up these, especially some of the cool variants, like this Homage Variant, could be worth it.

Honorable mention goes to Doctor Aphra #3, great series, and as Anthony pointed out, she is getting exposure.

Small Publisher Pick

Curse Words #1– No one likes his curse words more than your old pal Poyo, but we are talking about the comic book. Charles Soule and Ryan Browne (both have extra “e’s” in their names) and already have a buzz book on their hands. Trust Poyoe on this and pick it up (see what I did there?)

Honorable mention: Few 1 Image has been on fire lately and this one looks good.

Indie Pick of the Week

Dollface #1– While not my cup of tea, this book has ben doing well already, the Local Comic Shop Day variant has been a hit. No reason not to pick it up.


Hopefully me and Anthony do not have too many cross overs on our lists, but if we do, you can bet they will be worth the pick up. And as always, check out the Wednesday Open Forum to join in the conversation and foolishness. Where else can you go to talk about comics, and Anthony missing his anniversary?


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  1. A. King says:

    I am interested in checking out Few.

  2. Hahaha extra e’s Poyoe-that’s great

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