Lootcrate January 2017 Origins Unboxing

I mentioned that there was an Action Comics #1 reprint/replica inside this months Lootcrate. There was more too it than that. This is one of those “win boxes” we get from time to time that keeps me get these crates. Here is what was inside:

If that caught your attention, you can grab this month’s box still by going to  Loot Crate also use the code FREECRATE to get a free crate when you subscribe.




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27 Responses to Lootcrate January 2017 Origins Unboxing

  1. Jay says:

    How can I get January crate ? All I see if for February crate

  2. Barry W says:

    I signed up for the first time following your post, so really looking forward to getting mine! Regarding January crates, the cut off was something like 8 pm PST on 19th January to get this month’s one.

  3. comicevents says:

    Do I watch or wait for mine? Life is full of hard decisions.

  4. Zeus says:

    Tempted but ill wait to be surprised..is is the second lootcrate i buy, other one was the october theme.

  5. Rocking the Rancid shirt! Love it. This is one of those crates that I regret dropping the service for. They don’t happen that often but this was one of the best that I can remember in a long time.

    • Anthony says:

      Hell yeah. Have loved Rancid and Op Ivy before them for a long long time. The older I get the more of my youth I try to bring back.

      • I love Op Ivy also. My latest obsession is Tim Armstrong’s side project “Tim Timebomb”. When i say latest, he’s been putting out music for a few years now but I listen to it constantly. Rancid’s 20th year anniversary show was amazing because Tim did a Tim Timebomb set before Rancid’s set. It was such a great show. Plus one of my newer favorite bands opened “The Interrupters”. Great night.

      • Anthony says:

        Love the Interrupters. Sounds like a female rancid. In fact they covered rancid on the tribute album. By the way, Tim Time Bomb and Friends on Sirius Satelite Radio (and Marky Ramones Punk Rock Blitzkrieg) were the only reason I paid for the subscription for so long.

      • I had an XM subscription for years when they had Fungus 53. When that got canceled I let my subscription go. I was really tempted to sign up again when I found out Armstrong was starting his own show.

      • Anthony says:

        It’s odd ball. The one thing I haven’t done is look to see if people put the show online.

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      • We had a year trial in my wife’s new car. But I swear the show was never on when I happened to be in the car.

      • Anthony says:

        Dang. I got three free months when I bought my car.

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      • We had it for a year. It was my wifes so I hardly got to use it. Although truthfully there wasn’t much on there for me. I found myself sticking to Spotify or podcasts most of the time when I had the car to myself (which was rare).

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