Wolverine #16 Signed by Nik Virella

Here is a cool one for the signed comic fans (me included) you can grab copies of Wolverine #16 signed by artist Nik Virella for cover price.

Midtown Comics has the issue of Wolverine available at cover. As always, these are 1 per customer.

If you are looking for cart fillers to help cut down on shipping cost, throw in a copy or two of the True Believers Wolverine which reprints the Incredible Hulk 181 for $1, True Believers Wolverine #1 which reprints the Wolverine Mini-series #1 for $1, and some Walking Dead #163 for .25 cents each,


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6 Responses to Wolverine #16 Signed by Nik Virella

  1. Admiral Snackbar says:


  2. comicevents says:

    Thanks for the tip added 3 copies of Walking Dead, a Vampirella, and True Believers all for under $10 shipped.

  3. xman_2 says:

    Thanks for the tip. Off topic question, how do I search for the comics which are 75% that are offered by Midtown right now? I click on the link and I get a massive list of comics which most are not close to the 75% off they are advertising.

  4. Ryan Colgan says:

    Good call, I grabbed the signed Wolverine, both True Believers, Walking Dead, the Image Classics 25th Anniversary Issue for free, and Blood Blister all for $9.60 before shipping. Now I just need the Walking Dead 163 1:200 variant.

  5. A. King says:

    I just placed an order with Midtown yesterday, I don’t know how I missed this.

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