We Can Never Go Home being made into TV show

Matthew Rosenberg mentioned on Twitter last night that We Can Never Go Home is being made into a TV show.

He mentions We Can Never Go Home being referenced in a Hollywood Reporter article. The article is about We Can Never Go Home‘s co-writer, Patrick Kindlon, signing a three book deal with Black Mask. The Hollywood reporter casually mentions the show.


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30 Responses to We Can Never Go Home being made into TV show

  1. Jesus says:

    Great news. As this was one of the books i was enjoying from Black Mask before they went down hill. I think this book is one of the only ones that I have seen that still holds its value.

  2. Brian Springman says:

    The best books to have, in no particular order, are:

    Cover A
    NYCC set
    Arrden original #1

    I’d stay away from the other variants/store variants, printings, etc. Also be weary of anyone trying to pump/dump preview books. The ones above are the real bread & butter.

    • Anthony says:

      Was there a preview book?

      • Brian Springman says:

        I’m sure there will be certain folks trying their hardest to find one that can be found for pennies/free and then try to convince folks it’s a 1st appearance in order to take advantage of those who are green.

        I’m all about flipping too, but at least flip legit books, ya know? Lol

      • Anthony says:

        Previews are funny. I think they are the first printed appearances but don’t put as much weight into it as a first issue. While the Image preview book was the first appearance of Seven to Eternity I still think issue 1A is the one to own. But that doesn’t discredit the fact the preview had the first printed appearance of the characters and concepts.

    • Anthony says:

      I sold my NYCC set a long time ago. It took an extreme nose dive immediately after the show.

  3. Brian Soucie says:

    I loved the story up in till the very end. Huge let down. I had hopes for the second volume but haven’t heard anything on it.

    • Brian Springman says:

      Volume 2 should be coming this year. Rosenberg told me earlier this morning that they’re working on it now.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, I’m with you.. I loved the book but the ending was sort of a letdown. I expected a much better ending with the build up.

  4. A. King says:

    Great news, now all those copies I have setting in that longbox don’t look so bad.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Dump them while you can.. just because they say it’s gonna be made into a movie or tv show doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see it as a movie or tv show.

  5. Christopher Basquit says:

    Ill believe it when I see it lol

  6. Brennan says:

    I hope it’s better than Riverdale. I did not enjoy that first episode last night.

  7. BED says:

    I agree with Poyo. Dump soon. I have held on to SO MANY books that get optioned and watch the prices blow up. I hold on to the book…show or movie never happens…value goes back to near zero. I dump quick now. As for this book, I sold my cover A six months ago for $80. This has been a hot book for a long time, so I don’t know that this will plummet when the show never happens. I would still dump when this jumps $100.

  8. Lonzilla says:

    Are they releasing the episodes a year apart? Sell sell sell

  9. Nicc T says:

    Wow. Yeah I sold all ten of my copies for the $50 each they were going for a while back. I’m happy. Never look back now 🙂

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