Wednesday Open Forum



Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 122nd edition of the open forum!

The drawings for the Free Comic Wednesday will happen next week (Animosity sets) as I am away and no way to ship them from here, so if you haven’t entered, there is still time. Jump on over here.

Also, some posts might be a little delayed, so bare with us, the regular posts will still come online tonight, just not as timely as normal.

But for point of conversation, which was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Which movie (or with Walking Dead and Stranger Things both having spots on) or TV show are you most excited about?

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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91 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. DrunkWooky says:

    I’m grabbing

    -Doctor Aphra 4 and
    -Unworthy Thor 4 (Noto variant) tomorrow.

    Already snagged this back issue hunting today:

    Also snagged these two ash cans to resell. Hopefully, I can subsidize that Y #1 with their sale. Royal City already went for $34.99. Turns out the print is hand-signed and numbered limited to 525 copies.

    Finally, my Turner Aspen Darth Maul #1s came in (sketch and color). I notice this little detail on the signature block:

  2. Andrew Cantrell says:

    For me the top pick is Kingpin #1 so definitely picking that up.

  3. Barry W says:

    As usual I’ll bang out some nonsense whilst on my phone in bed (calm down!), then list my awesome purchases when I get onto the desktop.

    Question: my 1:200 and 1:500 Walking Dead 163s turned up yesterday. The 1:500 has some very faint print residue running parallel to the spine, obviously from the comic that was stacked on top of it when shipped from Diamond. Firstly has anyone got this on their copy, secondly how will it affect the grade and lastly should I send it back to the people I bought it from for a cleaner replacement? Comic would be at least a 9.6 without. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    • agentpoyo says:

      I got mine. Mine has what sounds like yours has but it’s slightly not as bad as mine is just on the lower side near the staple.

      I’ve used really soft pencil erasers before to remove the print residue smudges from the ink from back of the comic stacked on top. I’m probably leaving mine alone though, it’s staying in the PC anyways..

      • agentpoyo says:

        The other hilarious thing about mine that came is, I ordered the 3 copy set from The Comic Mint.. but they threw in like 3 other regular #163 copies to help pad the others. I have a feeling if you order anything from The Comic Mint in the next few months, you’ll probably get a copy or two of TWD #163 as they’re likely getting rid of copies from the thousands they ordered.. 🙂

      • Barry W says:

        That’s it, but all the way down the spine in my case and on closer inspection the corner has some slight damage too. Ugh not sure what to do, I paid £100 for it

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, you can always ask if they have others to trade out. I would, when a comic costs that much, it has to be 9.6 or better.. or they better knock some change off the price tag.

      • Barry W says:

        I’d upload some pics if I knew how to get an opinion, I don’t want to come across as a whiner when I may be making out the problem to be bigger than it actually is.

      • agentpoyo says:

        We love pictures and I think there are likely more anal retentive people about their comics condition than we are..

      • Anthony says:

        PayPal dispute and contact seller. Where did you get it?

      • Barry W says:

        I don’t like to say as they are normally super reliable and their comics come in tip top condition. I am worried I am making too much of it, with the cover being white we all know how tough it is to get these in the best condition. But it is meant to be brand new…

    • Brian Massey says:

      Mine had this as well in the same spot, but it completly disappered by applying a few gentle strokes from a soft eraser. (Note; not sure if you would get the same results from using a regular pencil eraser)

      • Barry W says:

        Thanks for the advice there Brian, I will try to get one of these, I assume an art store would stock them. And thanks to you other guys as well. I think if I can remove the print marks the damage to the corner could be classed as a bindery tear.

    • Barry W says:

      Just wanted to say thanks guys for the advice on using soft eraser. I bought a putty eraser and it cleaned the print residue up nicely, would never know it was there! And what I thought was damage looked worse due to the print, can definitely say it’s a bindery tear, if I ever sell it.

  4. Barry W says:

    I wanted to thank Tony for the heads up on January Loot Crate. I sold my Action Comics #1 less than 12 hours after listing it, got the two TMNT items up for sale, the Geeki tiki mini mug and the pin. If they go for what I want, I’ll have covered the full cost of three months crates (went for the three for two offer) and still have the cracking Captain America shield and Mario T shirt to show for it!

  5. Barry W says:

    First this is NOT a continuation of the PP debate, just an observation that there never seems to be any women commenting. I assume that there are female followers out there. If so I was wondering if you could do a little incentive to encourage their participation Tony? Maybe a free giveaway competition open only to women who comment in Wednesday Open Forum? It would be great to get some perspective from them on comic collecting, what they are picking up etc.

    • Jesus says:

      @ Barry- My wife checks this website every now and then but doesn’t comment cuz she just likes to set back and read the nonsense that we post lol. She does how ever have 1 long box of comic books that she has collected over the past 4 years that she has been doing it. Anything to do with Harley Quinn is a must have for her. Specially J Scott Campbell lol. So if there is a giveaway ( sponsored by Barry lol) it should be something Harley Quinn. Just a suggestion lol.

      • Barry W says:

        Ha ha we need her here to keep us cavemen in order! I would love to sponsor a giveaway, but unfortunately… I don’t want to!! Jokes, money is an issue, I just about keep my head above water with my eBay sales paying for my purchases. One day when I am a mega rich comic guru like Tony I might… And kudos finding a wife who likes comics, my two ex’s thought my hobby was childish.

      • Anthony says:

        My wife likes the comic money. Not the amount of comics and pop culture stuff in our house.

      • Anthony says:

        Glad to hear Mrs. Jesus checks us out. We welcome all.

      • JayClue says:

        @Barry…when I’m asked, or questioned why I still read comic books, I ask that person if they watch tv or go to the movies. In my opinion, comics are nothing more than well drawn story board. All tv and movie are based off of story boarding.

      • Barry W says:

        That’s a good point Jay. To be honest, I could give two craps about what other people think of comics or what they think of me reading them. I used to commute on the London Victoria line to work, all these people with the FT or one of the broadsheets in the carriage, there was me with 2000AD, Batman, Preacher, X-Men, etc. They used to look down their noses at me, but I bet I was having a better time than them!!

      • agentpoyo says:

        @JayClue, my response is about the same. A lot of people think comics are just for kiddos.. but it’s not. I enjoy the great read and art before the collecting and flipping.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I also like reading comics cause when they do make it into the movies or shows, I got a heads up on the story line.. It’s great knowing the history of Marvel cause then you can explain things that make their way into the movies, etc. Or you can complain that they messed up the damn story as well.. 😉

      • Barry W says:

        I recently got my mum into the MCU films (she’s 75!), she actually really liked them, especially the Captain America ones, so yeah being able to explain who’s who was nice. She just said to me it’s all the fit young men running around in their underwear she likes lol I am almost certain she is joking…

        But yeah, when they get it wrong, my wrath knows no bounds. Yes, Preacher, I AM talking to you!

      • agentpoyo says:

        I watch Captain America because of Steve in tight outfits.. Mmmmm.. Hmm… 🙂

        As for Preacher, I still need to find the time to read those (got all the TPB waiting on my nightstand).. but I enjoyed the show. I did read the first few issues and realized when the show started they were not following the exact timeline. Sometimes it’s cool, other times not so much. I think for ongoing shows based on comics, it’s good to drift and do your own thing. But when it comes to things like the Marvel movies and they’re specifically doing the scripts based on past story lines and they do the complete opposite, it annoys me. Like Avengers Age of Ultron.. it wasn’t anything like Age of Ultron.. they should have named that one “the Rise of Ultron”.. cause the age of was a completely different story..

      • Anthony says:

        I think people need to give Preacher a chance. This season was a prequel to the comic and I am sure they are going to hit on everything we know and love.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, the season finale seemed to pick up where the comic takes off..

      • Barry W says:

        I’ve probably read Preacher a dozen times or more, so really fell in love with the characters. I am never too bothered if they deviate from the comic story, if that’s a creative decision then fine.

        But those dicks who did Preacher show completely missed the whole point of the comics, the themes, the motivations, everything! They were like Snyder with Batman v Superman, let’s take the cool bit (the Batman / Superman fight from The Dark Knight Returns in Snyder’s case) and base the show on that. Preacher the comic was a literal voyage of discovery, both physically and metaphysically, a road trip movie and a buddy buddy movie in comic form. So what do they do? Set it all in one place. It also happened to be gross, funny, sacrilegious, blaspemous and touching all in one go. But Rogen and his cronies decided to just take the gross bits and funny bits out (which they made unfunny.)

        As you can guess I HATED it ha ha.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I need to take like 3 months off work to catch up on all my reading.. I’m behind.

      • Barry W says:

        If I spent more time reading comics rather than making comments here, researching them and then selling them, I’d never get behind…

      • agentpoyo says:

        I wish I got paid to read comics, that’d be nice.

        Hey Tony, make that happen!

      • Barry W says:

        If Tony had Jesse Custer’s powers he could order somebody to pay us to do it!

      • agentpoyo says:

        I’d like those powers.. there’d be a lot of changes made worldwide.. 😉

      • Barry W says:

        I am sure they’d all be altruistic changes mate ;o)

      • agentpoyo says:

        I’d start off with telling the entire world.. “Stop being wankers and just love everyone!”

        BOOM! World Peace solved! 😛

      • Anthony says:

        You and me both. Brought a stack of comics for the plane and vacation and haven’t read one.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I do the same thing.. I always plan to catch up on my Marvel digital reads and then never do.. but that’s what vacations are for I suppose, doing everything else that I can’t already do at home..

    • agentpoyo says:

      Our regular Alana apparently posted that she retired from comic collecting..

      Come back to the Dark Side Alana!!! 🙂

    • Anthony says:

      We do get some female readers but it is about 5% or less.

      • Barry W says:

        Wow that’s quite low, considering how much comic/geek culture is out there now in films and TV shows.

    • I’ve really tried to get my wife into comics. She reads Paper Girls and Saga. I’ve tried other books but those are the only ones that have stuck. I finally canceled Wonder Woman after they were adding up without being read. I tried…but I failed.

      • A. King says:

        My GF isn’t into comics either, she goes to the conventions with me. She occasionally watches TWD with me, and I got her watching Preacher (she doesn’t know it’s a comic show). Every time I get a package she’s like “another one “. She is into all the comic movies, for some reason she really likes Hemsworth as Thor.

      • Anthony says:

        Lol All women like the Hemsworth Thor. My wife won’t watch Cabin in the Woods with me though and he is funny in that

      • My wife loves The Walking Dead thankfully. Although she did swear off the show after Glen died….but she was back the next week. She won’t read the books of course.

      • Andrew Cantrell says:

        My Wife likes comics (not as much as me) and she I guess has struggled finding a series that she can call hers (rather than ours). Right now she is really digging Cannibal.

      • Barry W says:

        I enjoyed the Wonder Woman year one story line more than the Lies one, but still getting it, although I am quite a way behind, like 5 or 6 issues. Is Snot Girl something she would like? I found it hilarious, reminded me of my 17 year old niece, I imagine her internal monologue is very similar!!

      • I don’t think she ever read an issue of Wonder Woman that i got her. I was enjoying the year one story but not the other one. That was the reason I ended up dropping it. If she had actually been reading it I would have probably kept reading it also. She seems to like BKV. There hasn’t really been much else that I thought she would jump into.

  6. PETER CLIMIE says:

    A good day for me:

    My LCS had 1 copy of Kingpin Sienkiewicz variant
    also grabbed
    Deadpool Duck 3 var
    Guardians of Galaxy 17 variant
    Lost Boys 5
    Jessica Jones 5
    Spider-man Renew Vows 4
    Unworthy Thor 4
    Terminal Protocol #1
    Black #4 (great cover!)
    Kingpin Connecting variant

  7. Barry W says:

    All pre-order:

    STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #4A and 40th Anniversary variant
    Moonshie #5A & #5B Doe variant
    East Of West #31 (Image Tribute Variant)
    Death be Damned #1A

    Once again looks like Forbidden Planet surpassed themselves in their crap customer service, they allow pre-orders on stock even though they don’t order enough copies in, then you have to wait to see if you get a copy. Wicked & Devine tribute is this weeks one it looks like they won’t fulfil. Slowly weaning myself off them.

  8. agentpoyo says:

    Fissure was non-existent at my local shop this morning. I know the other shop got them more than likely but I didn’t have time to make a run down there.

  9. agentpoyo says:

    Also, Death Be Damned was suppose to have two covers, A & B randomly filled. My local shop had clearly a stack of Cover A, the regular cover they also show on Midtown’s lists but only had one of this cover (which I snagged):

    Not sure if it’s some secret variant or Cover B but if these were split 50/50, my shop only got one out of the stack of about 20 or more which tells me Cover B might be a 1:10 or something.

    Anyone got any info on this cover? I can’t seem to find any.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Previews World only shows two covers, I can only assume this is Cover B but not sure of the ratio now.

      • Andrew Cantrell says:

        I think its a 50/50. At Midtown it is a filled randomly.

      • agentpoyo says:

        That’s how BOOM! listed them as well but I don’t think these are 50/50 split. Both my shops now seemed to have the cover B after every 10th or so issue.. another reader confirmed their shop was the same. Hmm.. I’m thinking these might be a 1:10 or 1:20.. BOOM! is known for doing random covers inserted after every X amount of issues.. etc.

  10. Only 3 books for me but my thankfully 2 of those books are my monthly dose of crime noir…
    Angel City

    Come on crime! Make a comeback. Plus I really want to see a gritty straight up western.

  11. Brennan says:

    I’m late with my picks today because I was on a field trip 🙂
    My lcs has a bunch of tpb’s on sale for 7.50 so I picked up the flash brightest day tie in.

    This week I got:
    Action comics
    Detective comics
    Dr aphra
    Deadpool the duck
    All star batman – francavilla variant
    Hal Jordan
    Inhumans v X-Men
    JLA – both covers
    Unworthy thor
    Renew your vows

    Speaking of vows. …hehehehe a venue and date has been secured for my upcoming vows. Sept. 16th. Put it in your calendar.

    Got outbid on a house, so that sucked. They overpayed, I know this because my offer was an overpay! Oh well. Maybe the next one.

    • Anthony says:

      Nice. Where was your field trip?

      • Brennan says:

        Well to be accurate I took the boys volleyball team that I coach to the regularly scheduled tournament. I just said field trip to keep it simple. Don’t bother asking who won. They’re 11 so no one wins. Seriously. They play a round robin schedule and don’t keep track of the wins and losses and then at the end they all get the same ribbon. We split three games and lost one really bad because it was their third in a row! The kids had fun and that’s the important part.

      • Anthony says:

        No matter who wins the coaches of 11 year old teams lose. Lol. I coach 8U baseball. We would kick the other teams butts and I would be pulling my hair out.

    • Jesus says:

      Congrats dude. Your getting married on Mexico’s independents day.

  12. Ok. Never get a mortgage through Chase Bank. (Token house talk in the Wednesday forum). Now, I’m not getting a Chase Bank mortgage, but the buyer for my condo is. At this point, both my buyer and I are beyond due diligence, and there is upwards of $10k in nonrefundable earnest money sitting out there.

    At the beginning of this whole process, buyer’s broker said “do not apply through Chase Bank! They will delay closing.” Buyer did it anyway. They’ve had his loan application for 30 days and just started working on it last Tuesday. They promised to get loan documents out that evening. We’re sitting 8 days later, we missed our double closing date (Monday), and all parties were in breach of their purchase contracts.

    Meanwhile, my life is in boxes, and my wife and I are eating Dominos off paper plates.

    Needless to say, as the real estate attorney I am, I did one of my least favorite things. I put on what I like to call the “Angry lawyer voice” and flexed some serious creative cursing muscle on the phone with my buyer’s lender this morning. Apparently, they just needed to be threatened to be sued to actually do their jobs. Pitiful.

    Nobody ever use Chase Bank. They charge poor people money for not having enough money, they are negligent in performing their duties, and they generally do not care about the communities their branches occupy.

    Apart from that, I got Y the Last Man issue #2 today! Here’s my pic of #1 that I failed to link properly above:

    • David Billadeau says:

      Are you going to send #1 in for grading? It looks pretty nice!

    • Shines says:

      Oh, Lord, Chase is horrendous to deal with! We ended up with them when our original mortgage got sold to them. When the interest rates went down so low, we applied 3 times for the HARP program, trying to get it refinanced at a lower rate. All three times it was the same thing, fill out endless paperwork, fax & email documents, then wait weeks only to be told they were missing paperwork, so we would start over. Then you would get a new contact person. Finally gave up.
      One time we got behind on a payment and they sent someone to the house…left a nasty note on our door!
      Eventually we were able to refinance through our local credit union, got a payment 1/3 of what we were paying Chase. Would never deal with them again!

      • DrunkWooky says:

        I dropped them as my consumer bank 10 years ago when they started charging poor people the statutory maximum for overdrafts.

        They offered a bunch of services to try and keep me. I said “you don’t get it: you steal from poor people, I don’t like that, I’m leaving.”

  13. Sad to say, but the only book I picked up in two weeks is the new Squirrel Girl.

    I was finally reimbursed for the book I ordered online advertised as NM/Mint but arrived with a taped rip and color breaking folds.

    • DrunkWooky says:

      Here’s a question: did you provide photos to your Seller?

      I’ve started requiring photos of the book itself (not just the package) as a prequisite to a refund of any kind.

      I started to get the sneaking suspicion I was being defrauded every once in a while.

      Not accusing you of anything. Just curious. One guy told me he didn’t have a camera or any other way of getting me a photo. Right. He immediately dropped it after I insisted no photo no refund. Sounded like a scam to me. It was on a set of Miller Claremont Wolverine 1-4 that I already gave him a price break on at purchase.

      • Anthony says:

        I do the same thing every time. Guy bought a brand new blue ray off me and said it didn’t work. I said. I worries. Feel free to send me screen shots of the disc error and I would send him a replacement copy when I receive the disc back. Obviously not my fault since it was brand new and still in the package. He came back and said it worked fine the second time he tried it.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Barry W says:

        Protection is skewed so much toward buyers now, you are scared to piss them off in case they leave you bad feedback and ruin your 100% positive feedback score. But if someone ever said they had a damaged comic from me, I would always expect photos of the packaging and the item before refunding. Just as I send to sellers when I receive something damaged. Ironically this happened only this week, I had to get a replacement comic that the postman folded in half to get through my letter box!! But the seller should have used a proper mailer, not the the envelope he sent it in.

      • schweizerdavid says:

        The book was not damaged in shipping as it was shipped in a comic mailer. It was more of a case of me buying something sight unseen and trusting that the seller was correct in their assessment of the grade. The seller said it was NM/Mint but it turned out to be Good. I am thinking the seller was inexperienced at grading. The seller did not request pictures of the book, but I would have been more than happy to send them to the seller. The seller just wanted the book back, so I sent it back and was reimbursed for both the book and shipping. The seller has not relisted the book yet. As a side note though, my credit card number had fraudulent activity on it after the purchase and in the same state as the seller. Don’t know if it was coincidence or not.

      • schweizerdavid says:

        Still looking for a NM copy of Wonder Woman 205 if anyone has one. A seller on on ebay had a 9.6 copy for $140, but has recently just increased the price to $160 after I made an offer.

      • Anthony says:

        That’s kind of crappy to do. Have a best offer option deny the offer and raise the price.

        Sent from my iPhone


  14. JayClue says:

    Was hoping to have a light week, but it did not turn out that way. I missed a bunch of books last week and tried to catch up on some series that I fell behind in picking up and some random missed issues. So, this week I got:

    TWD #163, 1:200, $50 CDN (I didn’t want to do it, but i asked a store to hold it for me last week, and felt kinda obligated. It was also really clean copy I know where another is, and if it’s still there next week, I may be able to grab it for $40 CDN. Then I’ll try to flip one to minimize the cost for the one in my PC)
    The Assignment #1d & #2
    Frostbite #1
    Hillbilly #5
    Kingpin #1, Checchetto Connecting
    Dollface #2
    Red Sonja #2, JSC x2
    Deadpool #1, True Believers, $2
    Deadly Class #26, to be flipped along with my Cyber Force #1
    Deadpool #26, Jusko Corner x2
    Princess Leia #1, Blank, FREE!
    Suicide Squad #11, Bermejo
    Black #4
    Triggerman #5
    Dr. Aphra #4, reg and anniversary
    Green Valley #5
    Detective #950
    Moon Knight #11
    Injustice Ground Zero #5
    OML #17
    Moonshine #5, cover b
    All Star Bats #7, I’m gonna miss Jocks covers and art in this book
    Darth Maul #1
    New Wolverine #17
    Dr. Aphra #3
    Star Wars #28
    Star Wars #26
    Darth Vader #24

    And the light week was anything but.

  15. A. King says:

    No time to go to any shops today. So I just picked up some stuff online, and I ordered a few things coming out next week .

  16. J. Coleman says:


    Death Be Damned 1 variant (only one out of like eight on shelf)
    Dark Tower The Sailor 5


    Avengers Vol 6 #3 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover
    Black Science #27
    Cannibal #4
    Captain America Sam Wilson #17
    Captain America Vol 1 #186 Origin of Falcon
    Comic Shop News #1548
    Deadpool The Duck #1 Cover A Regular David Nakayama Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In)
    Everafter From The Pages Of Fables #5
    Faith (Valiant Entertainment) Vol 2 #7 Cover C Variant Philip Tan Cover
    Flash Rebirth #6 Regular Ethan Van Sciver Cover
    Giant Days #22
    Green Lanterns #14 Cover B Variant Emanuela Lupacchino Cover
    Hard Case Crime Assignment #1 Cover C Variant Fay Dalton Cover
    Hawkeye Vol 5 #2 Cover A Regular Julian Totino Tedesco Cover
    Hulk Vol 2 #15 Regular Ian Churchill Cover 1st Red She-Hulk?
    Jessica Jones #4 Cover B Variant Jeff Dekal Cover
    Justice League Vol 3 #12 Cover A Regular Tony S Daniel & Sandu Florea Cover (Justice League vs Suicide Squad Tie-In)
    Justice League vs Suicide Squad #3 Cover B Variant Amanda Conner Cover
    Kill Or Be Killed #6 Cover B Variant Image Tribute Cover NEXT WEEK
    Moon Knight Vol 8 #10 Cover A Regular Greg Smallwood Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In)
    Moonshine #4 Cover B Lee Bermejo
    Nailbiter #28
    New Mutants #88 Been missing this one!
    Old Man Logan Vol 2 #16
    Ragnarok #11 Cover B Variant Geof Darrow Subscription Cover
    Rift #2 NEXT WEEK 1st ish was good!
    Scarlet Witch Vol 2 #14
    Shade The Changing Girl #4 Cover B Variant Joelle Jones Cover
    Static #1 Newsstand Edition
    Suicide Squad Vol 4 #9 Cover B Variant Lee Bermejo Cover (Justice League vs Suicide Squad Tie-In)
    Super Sons #1 Cover B Variant Dustin Nguyen Cover NEXT WEEK
    Superman Vol 5 #14 Cover B Variant Andrew Robinson Cover
    U.S.Avengers #1 Cover L Variant Rod Reis Canada Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In)
    Unfollow #15
    Unstoppable Wasp #1 Cover A Regular Elsa Charretier Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In)
    Unworthy Thor #3 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Olivier Coipel Cover
    Venom Vol 3 #4 Cover B Variant Joe Jusko Corner Box Cover NEXT WEEK
    Yakuza Demon Killers #3 Cover A Regular Eli Powell Cover

    • agentpoyo says:

      If you scroll up at some of my comments, the Death Be Damned cover B variant I grabbed at my local shop was just one out of probably 20 copies they had…. Can’t find any info on the ratio either, cause it can’t be a 50/50 split….

      • J. Coleman says:

        I’m not sure if anyone pre-ordered this at my shop or had it pulled, but yeah, there was only a small stack on the shelf with the one “wanted poster variant” in the middle and I got there 10 minutes after they opened. One per store.??…

      • JC says:

        Midtown comics had 3 or 4 copies of cover B on Weds afternoon. Probably not 1 per store. But there were many more cover A.

      • agentpoyo says:

        So yeah, it’s got to be a 1:10 type ratio for Cover B then..

  17. Shines says:

    Picked up Jessica Jones, Dr. Aphra, Vision & Sub-Mariner Jusko variants, Red Sonja 2 HSC & Cosplay covers.
    Not much this week in back issues, couple of 70s B/W Monster magazines is all.

  18. Zeus says:

    Finally got my lootcrate..omg, i love it. Tmnt, super mario, Superman, shield aaahhhh!

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