Poyo’s Picks for February 15th, 2017

It’s that time again. Hope you didn’t spend all your comic book money on your Valentine because if you’re putting love over comics, you need to just leave.. seriously, leave now, we don’t want your kind here if your first priority is not comic books.
Here are my Special Valentine’s this week..

DC/Vertigo Pick

Batman #17 (DC) – I think King has broken out of his shell and Batman is getting great again. Really enjoying the series now. Why didn’t I pick Super Sons? Meh, just too cheesy for me. It’s for the kiddies.. and there’s gonna be a billion of them.

Marvel Pick

Captain America Steve Rogers #11 (Marvel) – I just love this cover, I’m a sucker for reflections in close ups like this.. And I think this new volume by Nick Spencer deserves more love, it’s been great so far.
Inline image 1

Small Publisher Pick

The Walking Dead #164 (Image) – This is a no brainer. Back issues sell above cover, even for common issues. Once it makes it to the show, we see a rise in value. Even though they claim ratings are down, I don’t see the show ending anytime soon.

God Country #2 (Image) – Yes, a second small publisher pick. God Country #2. #1 was a hit, almost by surprise. I don’t think anyone expected it to do so well on release day and heat up as fast as it did so #2 is a definite pick up. Most covers are already selling out online. #1 was under ordered so #2 like all second issues might see a significant drop in total availability.

Indie Pick

Rift #2 (Red 5 Comics) – #1 was another great read. Saw some slight heat but you can still find these in your shops. I’m picking up #2 cause the story is good, the art is good and it just has movie or show option written all over it. Plus as a bonus, you can read Tony’s letter in the back along with seeing Joe’s first appearance in a comic book..

So like always, comment, tell me what your thinking. What you like or don’t like? If you can smell my stench from miles away.. It’s all good!


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31 Responses to Poyo’s Picks for February 15th, 2017

  1. A. King says:

    Even though the ratings are down for TWD it’s still one of their top rated shows. I guess the whole second half of this season is just going to be Rick and his crew recruiting other communities to help them in the fight against Negan.

    • Anthony says:

      Actually, the mid season premiere came back with booming ratings

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah… Funny how everyone wanted to see Negan bash in a head on season finale last year, then complained it was too violent first episode this season.

        Mid season premiere was great though, like the side story on how Rick gets his numbers to go up against Negan.

      • A. King says:

        I thought it was a great episode too, I can’t wait until they start killing some of the saviors, especially Negan’s no. one guy I forgot his name but I hate that guy. I hope they get him good.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Oh yeah, the guy with the stache? I cannot wait for someone to take his ass out, hopefully Rick.

      • Anthony says:

        Yes. He is a pompous ass. I want him to get his comeuppance

      • Anthony says:

        I have enjoyed the show this season. Even with the brutality. But yes, I want to see some more Savior carnage.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I want war…. More blood, more crazy psychotic violence…. And when the season is over, I’m hoping we get the season on Blu-ray with Negan dropping F bombs left and right so I can watch it all again then proper way it should be watched.

      • A. King says:

        You can never have too much blood and violence…….or F – bombs!

      • Shines says:

        Last night’s WD was good, and for me at least enjoyable for not having Negan or Dwight in it. I wonder if they will kill off the tv Dwight, as Daryl pretty much has his position from the comics?

    • I still love the Walking Dead. I really hope they don’t tone down the violence but after the outcry last year I’m sure they will. Although all I keep thinking is why doesn’t somebody shoot Negan in the head. He’s out in the open half the time. Just hide and wait and then shoot. His people will scatter at the first chance they get.

  2. WOLF WARNER says:

    Wolf’s Non-Mentioned Pulls of the week:

    Cap America Sam Wilson #19
    Invincible Iron Man #4
    Kill or be Killed #6
    Old Man Logan #18
    Gwewnpool #12
    Unfollow #16
    Violent Love #4
    The Wild Storm #1

  3. Barry W says:

    I was on the verge if giving up TWD show until last two episodes before mid season break, things looked a little better. Then new episode brought me back into the fold, greatly improved on the whole of this season so far. It’s not the best episode ever by far, but getting back to previous levels. Though I read a review at Forbes, you wouldn’t believe it reading this:


    And without giving away spoilers, the car and cable scene 😱😱😂😂

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, that car and cable scene was awesome.. If I was them I would have just kept going to take out as many as possible.

      • Barry W says:

        I thought that too, but then Rick said earlier to keep them in place, he obviously has a plan. I imagine for the attack on the Saviours.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, in the comics don’t you remember they brought walkers to the fight. Sort of like when the Governor did to them at the prison.

      • Barry W says:

        I wasn’t reading it back then! Although I now have the All Out War run, so I assume it is there?

      • A. King says:

        That was probably the best scene since Daryl blew up those saviors with the rocket launcher

      • Anthony says:

        I loved the rocket launcher scene. That was the best. Cracked me up.

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